View Full Version : Thanks to Lovable Dolls I do not work for ODC any more.

12-05-2010, 07:40 PM
Hi All

Being once a server admin at ODC I'am a member at ODC now.
Probably due to that I told Bronwen the truth, vented my hearth to her about my thoughts I had about her (I do not like her).
It started with Vanessa's post at ODC, and the question of Knighthorse why Vanessa does not like Bronwen.
I had too a pot of hate against her about things that occured in past and started to rant in an e-mail.
It was a relief to me to be honest I did feel a lot better after sending the mail.
I have send an excuse mail later but how sincere is my excuse, if I'am honest not sincerely enough.
I think she got pissed and informed Keithallen.
The mighty Bronwen did strike again.
I don't know what will go on.
I don't believe in the management of this forum any more its too pro LD biased in my opinion.
I will not put up more rants, I do not want that.
I think thats not needed, everyone can draw his own conclusion.
I'll quit my work for ODC.
Now we end with a Realdoll biased forum and a Lovable Dolls biased forum I think this is the only neutral one?