View Full Version : New eyes for Maidlee Doll's Maid-Fong

07-06-2015, 12:24 AM
Since we received our first display Maid-Fong (http://en.dollstudio.org/node/360) by Maidlee Doll a couple of months ago, I've been searching for alternative eyes. The acrylic eyes she comes with are fine, they just have a mechanical pattern in the iris didn't like too much.

Those are my current favourites. They're 26 mm acrylic eyes labeled as Real Eyes Doll Eyes by ST Products & Crafts LLC. This eye color is called Sunrise Blue:


This picture was taken with cloudy sunlight.

Here's another pair of eyes in color Sunrise Green:


Picture taken with friendly (indirect) artificial lightning.

Though, I still wonder if she's a blonde or a brunette ;-/