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(1) There must be no discussions or content involving children or dolls appearing to be under the age of eighteen, this will not be tolerated and all content will be removed by Moderators.

(2) Posts and topics must be doll related within the doll forums, other topics in the open forum, motor electronic posted at the electronic diagnostic site.

(3) There should be no disruptive behaviour or anything that causes bad feelings between Members, Moderators or Management. Derogatory statements or discussions about anyone's choice of LoveDoll, Sexual Preference, Race, Religion, Politics or Nationality are not allowed and will be locked or removed without warning.

(4) You must be eighteen to use this forum.

(5) No cross posting, cross posts will be removed by Moderators.

(6) No statements demeaning Women, sexually oriented or offensive public or private messages to Female or Male Members.

(7) No use of automated download programs, no spam of any kind, or posts without content other than a url. All the clickable links must take you to the photo or object without login.

(8) If rules are broken, Moderators will post the rule that has been broken within your post, you will have time to edit your post and moderate your posting to fit the rule, (before further action is taken). If the content is involving children or paedophilia, this will be removed.

(9) Topics maybe locked if posts become off topic, no more can be said or is getting out of hand.

(10) There must be no discussions or content involving non prescription drugs or their effects, this will not be tolerated and all content will be removed by Moderators.

(11) There must be no pictures or posts portraying or implying dolls in sexual activity with animals, either real or stuffed toy. Any such images will be removed by the moderators.

Thanks for signing up or just being a Guest, do have a good time using the forum.
Best to you all Bob, for Gibbmodoll Uk, Gibbmodoll UK is a part of Gibbins Motors Technology Group UK.

Gibbmodoll UK assumes no responsibility for any postings and/or their content. Gibbmodoll UK reserves the right to remove any post at any time.

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