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philinotstine 08-01-2018 10:06 PM

Estrid as an Angel.

Dongo 08-01-2018 10:35 PM

Wonderful! Estrid is a very sweet angel!:tu:tu

Ursa_Major 09-01-2018 12:39 AM

Lovely photos. Estrid does look angelic. :b

carlys_guy 09-01-2018 12:52 AM

wow big wings, nice pics phil always good to see your girls.


harleyhahn 09-01-2018 05:10 AM

Great pictures phil...I like your angel:tu

Saxen 09-01-2018 11:48 AM

Beautiful as always there Estrid

She definitely suits the angelic look :tu mind you, i expect she would also suit a little devil outfit too :D

mi6c 09-01-2018 09:39 PM

She certainly is :tu :tu :tu

Haremlover 10-01-2018 02:19 AM

Particularly charming


Best wishes


Kats012 10-01-2018 03:04 AM

Oh Phil, what a sweetheart!

FEZMONKEY 10-01-2018 10:00 PM

Love that final shot especially :tu Estrid is adorable :tu


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