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Matt gloss 07-10-2018 09:31 AM

Saving up for a doll
Hi,how long did it take you to save for your dream lady?
I estimate two and a half years to get 1400 together on my current income(I may find a bargain)I would love a silicone lady one day...
When I bought my fabric doll last year I used money that was for something else and got in a pickle tring to pay it back so I will not be doing that again.
There are always used dolls coming up but for me she would have to be an insert as I just do not feel comfortable with used built in,I like b cup,do not like waste..
JM are priced well and I take Harems recomendations seriously,maybe by the time I can go 'shopping' there could have been a massive price drop and I can get 2...dream on...

Tommo10 07-10-2018 10:09 AM

Hi Matt,
Your best bet is save from now until spring (April) that is or 7 months hopefully you will have your first 500 by then you can start looking in the sale section, if you are not bothered on brands you may have a chance, also try and get one with an insert, but read the advert people buy dolls for photography purposes only (never been used for sex) I stubbled on 3 500 Dolls in April bought all of them, they all were never used for sex and 1 was days old. The main thing is get your money saved up ready for the sale.if you ain't got the cash you will miss the bargain. I have my bed girls and my photo girls and for photos I am well impressed with the Ex-lite and that was well under 500 It was new B grade and I can't see the defect I might have paid 300. From cloud climax, she is one of my best but I wouldn't know about sex with it. Like I say get that first 500 and you are away.

Hope that helps
Tommo :tu

Matt gloss 07-10-2018 10:29 AM

Thanks Tommo,just looking at a bulk buy of baked beans to get me on my way,
I read a lot,all of this site,tdf and ourdoll community regularly and yes the cash needs to be ready as the bargains are snapped up,the other day the cash was in my hand and then my car broke again so I have to get her in the garage,with luck it might not be as much as I think.
I can only try my best to succeed.

revoL annaerB 07-10-2018 12:45 PM

When I first took an interest in Teddy Babes I had managed to get the money together to buy a new one but then I had very similar problems, a car that needed more money spending on it than it was worth so a 'new to me' second hand car became priority. Luckily I was offered a preloved TB at a price I could manage, she wasn't new, she wasn't perfect but she has been my bedtime buddy ever since and I have no regrets buying preloved, in fact all of my TBs are preloved.

Now I would like an Ex-lite for photography but other priorities mean that even the reasonable cost of one of those is beyond my reach at the moment, it will happen, it's just a matter of when:rolleyes:

Good luck with your saving and I hope the right preloved babe will arrive at the right time for you:tu As an after thought, what about having a rummage around and seeing if anything you don't use or need can be sold on Ebay to raise a few quid? My thought is to leave it in your Paypal account so you aren't tempted to spend it so easily.

Haremlover 07-10-2018 12:51 PM

If you can organise her transport from Sussex near Gatwick Airport you can have my JY168 and three heads for 200

That offer isn't open to anyone else.

Best wishes


shamus 07-10-2018 12:56 PM

Hi Martin,

I notice that you have changed your avatar. Who is the young lady in the photo? I assume that you already have one doll but are looking for another?

On the question front, life does have a tendency to get in the way of us saving for the things that we want. I myself bringing up a child alone have at times not been able to buy the things that I want and saving seems to take so long with so many pitfalls between starting the journey and the doll arriving.

The question to ask yourself is "What is she to you?".

For some she is a sexual partner, for others Aesthetic photogenic beauty, for othes still she is to be held in the night but not necessarily a sexual relationship. The reasons that we need thesee girls in our lives may be completely unique to the individual but what brings us all together here is that we have a common, shared need no matter what our background or motivations.

I started my path to here with a 60 plastic manequinn... Hang on a sec... Have I deleted all of her photo's... Yes but just reupload from the PC.

Absolutely nothing to write home about but it was a first step into doll ownership because I knew that I needed one of these girls in my life and sex really wasn't my initial consideration.

Then there was a second sitting mannequinn (again, 60 brand new) that I modified considerably. Then a second hand teddy babe, then a TPE girl.

The key was that I did not go straight for the WM Godess that Yvette is but rather got there in small iterative steps knowing what I needed in my liife and that struggle to get from a very humble start to here has been an eleven year journey.

As with Tommo, there is no end game to this. There will be other girls join us at Shamus towers as time goes on. Eventually maybe a silicone girl, A D4E, a JY... I have a list of girls on the invite list but like yourself know that it will be a slow process with setbacks (only this week an unexpected tax bill completely consumed the money saved for a doll).

Also consider that new girls are being added to the market all of the time and there is never a time that you will buy a girl where a week or a month later you do not slightly regret waiting. Along the way, buy what you need when you can afford it. Not what you aspire to as that aspiration will keep changing and may remain always an elusive ever changing dream.

As indicated by Tommo, why not look to the 500 to 800 bargains that on occassion appear here. If the seller is someone such as Sam or Harem you know that doll will be in perfect or near perfect condition and very possibly still be a virgin. Certainly Harems current JY with three heads would be an excellent example of the sort of girl that one could acquire for much less than the price of a new girl.
That said, that dolls not going to be around in a year when you get to your first 700 but its an excellent example of what does appear n occassion on here. Going for that would reduce your savings time dramatically.... However... Remember also that the purchase of the doll is not the end game. They need maintenance and on occassion repair. Eventually you will end up with a set of tools specific to their needs.

One of the second life girls that become available here would make a lot of sense for you to aspire towards than 1400+ which must seem a long way off.

In answer to your initial question though, disregarding the girls that kept me going en route to my first TPE girl... seven years!... But by the time that I got to purchasing my first TPE girl I knew that this was me and not just a flash in the pan thing that would dissipate when I had what I wanted.

Hope that helps matey, I know that the journey seems a long one but its a journey worth taking and the community here is very supportive every step of the way.

kindest regards,


shamus 07-10-2018 12:59 PM

Lol Harem,

my goodness, what a coincidence. I just specifically mentioned your stunning 168 in my reply!

When I started writing only Matts reply to Tommo was there.

Matt gloss 07-10-2018 02:46 PM

Thankyou for everyones kind words,Shamus she has been with me since last year,160cm fabric doll,that was all an experience as she srrived with a defective hip,the wrong head,then a replacement head that was the wrong head etc.I seek mainly companionship with added Fridays as I know relationships with women do not work for me.
Harem such a kind and generous offer :tu

Karrot 07-10-2018 07:00 PM

For me I approach this from exactly the opposite angle.

I've been lucky enough to go through a divorce and a bankruptcy and come out of it on a stable footing. So all of the TPE and silicone ladies who have either passed through The Patch, or taken up residency were funded by the credit card and i then paid that off as fast as i could when each pay cheque arrived.

I'm not advocating anyone go into debt, but this method works best for me as I find that once I have spent the money i'm more inclined to sort out the credit card than I ever would be saving the cash up first.

all of my silicone girls (Xiaoli, Faith, Aisling) have come to me preloved. Xiaoli's original TPE body was bought new from Beautiful Dolls.


Matt gloss 08-10-2018 07:34 AM

Thanks karrot :tu

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