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popeye115 07-09-2018 05:06 PM

doll now sold
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Hello i have a 155cm doll from dolls forever. obtained from china for 1500.
but due to being ex-forces i have spent quite some time in hospital. i am now out but unable to lift this doll. all my joints have been replaced and my spine has two titanium rods and 26 screws. The doll has never been used ? ever. there is no damage to the doll what so ever and would like to sell her for 500 if possible.

popeye115 07-09-2018 05:08 PM

doll for sale
sorry for got to say would it be possible to pick her up please

popeye115 13-09-2018 06:59 PM

doll for sale
well i am unable to do anything any more. I am back in hospital with another op to my spine and things have just gone so wrong. The doll has now been re-boxed and the box has just been left on my bedroom floor. It was only taken out of the box for the photos i sent in. And it has got to go price now 300 but must be pick up if possible. The photos i have shown before are the only ones i have. It is a Full-size Silicone Doll. She is 158cm tall and weighs around 28KG. She has an Internal metal skeleton and flexible skin, so arms, legs, fingers, hand's do move. This is the only info i have. I AM SO DESPERATE NOW TO HAVE THIS DOLL REMOVED. Can some one please help.
The doll come with body powder , an assortment of clothing , cleaning kit , lube , condoms unopened , hanging hook , wig , everything that came with the doll and there is NO damage to the doll at all.
someone please.
Your's Faithfully
Mr D M Pope.
popeye115.......................E Mail

Edit by CT popeye115 is in Seaford, East Sussex

Cyber Ted 13-09-2018 11:15 PM

popeye115 has added detail to his original thread and has PM'd Admin.

We have moved this sales message back to the sales forum as we are going to make an exemption to the normal sales picture posting rules based on Popeye115's current medical condition. This is being done on trust in the hope that we can help a member in distress.

This exemption is conditional on the Doll remaining pick-up only and the funds being handed over on successful collection only.

popeye115 please add the general location of the doll so that prospective buyers have an idea of how far they'd have to travel.


Killer_79 14-09-2018 12:03 AM

I'm Interssted in purchasing this if you can message me.
updated if this is east coast sussex, then to far for me unfortunately. . Gutted

Haremlover 14-09-2018 12:46 AM


Whereabouts are you?

Very sorry to read about your torment

Best wishes


kennichikawa 14-09-2018 08:08 AM

I read one of his previous posts and he mentioned something on the south coast so a bit too far for me.

Cyber Ted 14-09-2018 09:11 AM

An earlier post states that popeye115 is in Seaford, East Sussex.

I have edited his post to add this.


Haremlover 14-09-2018 01:56 PM

This is clearly a lady in distress . . . to say nothing of her man.

It's just over an hour away for me but that's not without problems at the moment. I don't need another doll but might be able to organise a rescue and try to get a better deal for the OP unpressured by time restraints.

However, in view of my own time constraints I'd prefer her to go to someone else directly.

In reality however, I can't do the trip for another two weeks until the beginning of October.

Best wishes


CloudClimax 14-09-2018 02:21 PM

I can say Popeye115 was a pleasure helping you with your Ex Lite purchase so the weight was lighter for you my friend.
Wish you the best of luck to find a home for your lovely lady your letting go of Popeye115


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