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Samurai 30-07-2018 08:14 PM

Monique's Day trip.
Ok so its not exactly "Monique's Day trip" she came along with me to meet Tommo who was adopting Manami and i just happend to have my camera with me incase there was a photo opportunity if the rain decided to stop :rolleyes:

(Ok so this is not one of my better stories, i have just thrown this together with a few caption
if the rain had gone off i would have got a lot more photos but this was all i manged to take,)

Hey Monique, do you want to come with me on a little outing ?

Well you better put some clothes on then !

He he i think your going to need a bit more than a pair of socks, ok you have 30 minutes to get ready.

Samurai 31-07-2018 06:23 PM

Samurai 31-07-2018 06:34 PM

***** Sigh :rolleyes: why me lord *****

Samurai 31-07-2018 06:46 PM

Ok we are here and it's still raining !

Keep an eye out Monique, Tommo should be hear anytime now.

Oh Look over there Monique !

Just over there, It's an Opticians :24

You wait here Tommo
and i are going
for coffee.

On the way back home
Monique asked
Hey Sam

"When am i going to
stay with Tommo ?"

The End ! :whistle:

algaeholics 31-07-2018 07:40 PM

Lovely little story! :tu

Tommo10 31-07-2018 08:03 PM


Oh Sam, what were we thinking leaving Monique in the car, I never got to see her nice ass in them jeans.:drool


Dongo 31-07-2018 09:59 PM

I would invite her for coffee!;)

Cyber Ted 31-07-2018 10:02 PM

Great Sam. :b

Shame it rained, but you must have some powers of concentration, I'd have been off the road multiple times if she'd been sitting next to me looking that good. :drool :D


harleyhahn 01-08-2018 02:12 AM

Oh yes...I have all the Time fresh Coffee. Great Story !!!:b

mandos 01-08-2018 07:23 AM

You gotta watch her, Sam. Seems like the grass is greener on Tommo’s lawn and she could grab your car and head off to live with him soon. I bet he would take her out for coffee ;)

Dat booto tho! :whistle:

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