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Zang 13-02-2020 09:05 PM

Jayna's Valentine's Day blast from the past
It's always been the case that Valentine's Day is the favorite holiday of my lovely little babe Jayna.

So several years ago, when she was in her slightly younger, friskier days, there'd be a photoshoot!
I remember this one, where she wore her original black teddy, :drool and played around with a bunch of little sweet heart-shaped candies.

I must have shared it at some point, but it's been so long that I thought well, why not just gather all the pics and share it again!
(After all, this kind of sugar stays fresh for a long time!)

"You really like these candies, don't you?"

"I don't think I can take that many."

"Okay then, change of plan."

"Let's just dump the bowl..."

"... and decorate ME!"

Whoa, talk about delectable!! Oh, man, where to start?

That babe is sugar lips, all the way.

Ah, yes. Yes, indeed. Happy Valentine's Day, UKLDF!

algaeholics 13-02-2020 09:19 PM

💘 DeLeCtAbLe 💘

psion satori 13-02-2020 09:45 PM

Bloody hell, those shots are gorgeous!

very nicely done Zang :tu


Dongo 13-02-2020 10:47 PM

Excellent shots - Teddy babes are just fantastic!:drool:drool

Karrot 13-02-2020 11:00 PM

I remember these from first time around. Absolutely gorgeous!


carlys_guy 14-02-2020 12:02 AM

yep i remember them also great pics of miss jayna.


Tommo10 14-02-2020 01:44 AM

♥ Love is wonderful 💘

Jayna is gorgeous :drool

Fantastic photos Zang :b

Tommo :tu

Amydoll 14-02-2020 03:18 AM

Great pics and nice story, thanks for reminding me its valentine's day today I'd forgot. I best go shopping before she wakes up

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