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Valerica 21-03-2012 12:34 AM


I am Valerica
I live with Ursa Major near Birmingham
I am 5ft 4 inches tall
My statistics are;
Bust 38''
Waist 24''
Hips 35''
I like moonlight walks, al fresco feeding and cuddles (easier to get to necks when you're being hugged ;)). My favourite colours are black and red.
I don't like bright sunlight, stakes or crucifixes.
I have travelled much over the centuries but am happy with Ursa and his other girls.

Zang 22-03-2012 08:01 AM

Hmm, Ursa must be chasing down all his other babes with a tape measure. :D

How interesting that Valerica was the first at his house to offer her profile here; perhaps she was already up and on her way out for the evening.

Cyber Ted 23-03-2012 12:16 AM

Don't worry too much about the measurements to start with folks. Just get a picture and her name up for now, you can edit in the other details later. I intend to change Krystal's picture at a later date (she doesn't like her "uncool mugshot" picture). :rolleyes: :)


Wulfie 23-03-2012 09:53 AM

Trawling the net to find one and found this :(
Still trawling..............................:(

Kats012 23-03-2012 02:58 PM

Should we make this thread a sticky?
Looks like this is going to be an active thread as more babes report in. Would be a shame if it gradually slid "down the charts" until it became moribund. How about making this a "sticky" so that it always remains in view near the top?
What do you think?

Kats012 24-03-2012 01:07 AM

Hello Girls!
Not seen these three babes before so many welcomes.
They look great together; whoever says TB's aint fun?
Any more TB's around; please call in.

Zang 24-03-2012 02:50 AM

(_I yield the keyboard to my babe:_)

Helloooo! Jayna here, living happily with Zang, "smack in the middle of America", as he likes to say.
I hope you like this photo; it was taken just for you!

Well, the tape measure says I'm still 48 inches tall, and 33 / 19 / 28 around those key places.
Shoe size? Why would I need shoes when my guy carries me everywhere? ;)
Imagine that, a modern-day girl who doesn't care about shoes!

Occupation: Amateur photo-model, snuggle-honey par excellence, and good-night-every-night sleeping aide!
Likes: Other Teddy Babes, plush pillows and blankets, looking my best for photos... not to mention all the close & cozy cuddling & caressing I get and give!! (I was SO made for it!!)
Dislikes: When morning embraces have to end, and when my guy has to leave for a while. But parting is such sweet sorrow!

Here's where most of my photos are, at the big Doll Album.
There's quite a variety, so do stop on by sometime, there's a good chap! :p

Ursa_Major 24-03-2012 01:43 PM

Love the photo Jayna and nice to see Cordie reporting in.

Now over to another Babe.

Hello everyone, this is rather exciting as I don't have my own account so Ursa let me use his. :)

I'm Jane and I live with Ursa and his other girls.
I'm 53'' tall and my measurements are 33/20/29.
I like spending time with my friend Fay and the other girls.
Like other Babes I don't like being left on my own.

Cyber Ted 25-03-2012 02:07 AM


Originally Posted by wisey (Post 16897)
Here are my three Teddy Babes reporting in :),
From left there names are Virgina, Zoe and Rita.

Thanks for reporting in Wisey and Virginia, Zoe and Rita.

The girls sure look comfortable on their couch together. :)


Kats012 25-03-2012 02:29 AM

Welcome you lovley babes.
Great to see so many Teddies reporting in.
Jane and Cordie; Hello girls, lovely to see you.
Jayna; you are an example to us all; what incredible photo albums that show just what a TB can be. Kat is mightily impressed. Anybody else around?

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