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Default 15! The final family photo!? Maybe for 2021...

Hello all,

Hope everyone is well.

Now at the stage where my iPhone with Panoramic function really isn't cutting the mustard, so I've decided to split it out into 3 photos (but all the ladies are together - like a family - in the same room - the family room ).

1) The Sitting Crew (5):

Princess Cassandra of Troy (Free WM head 236 - from Silicone Lovers)
Miss Kalashnikov (Mongolia) (Pre-owned Mystery 160G Silicone All-In-One Lady - from The Doll House)
Akiko Shinoda (Japan) (Teddy Babe Deluxe Akiko - from Cloudclimax)
Lavanda Corleone (Italy) (Teddy Babe Deluxe Lavender - from Cloudclimax)
Cordelia Kray (England) (Teddy Babe Deluxe Cordelia - from Cloudclimax)

2) The TPE ladies part 1 of 2 (5):

Neytiri (Pandora) (SM156A - from Silicone Lovers)
Mystique (SM149B + head 60 - from Silicone Lovers(head)/SMDoll(body))
Gracie Bardot (France) (SM149B + head 91 - from Lucid(head)/SMDoll(body))
Selina (Colombia) (Irontech 168 - from Lucid)
Storm (Xen'drik) (YL168A - from Silicone Lovers)

3) The TPE ladies part 2 of 2 (5):

Johanna (Barbados) (WM168A - from Cloudclimax)
Melina (Scottish/Spanish) (6YE 166A N16 - pre-owned doll)
Henna Wong (Hong Kong) (6YE 158A N53 - from The Doll House)
Itzel (Germany) (JY148 Kitty - from Lucid)
Fifi (Thailand) (Zelex 155 - from Lucid)

Best wishes,

Mr Flibble
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