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Default Message from Miss Kalashnikov - Pictures from the Meet (5 of 5)

... continued

Now the afternoon of Sunday 20th September. And I get my AK-47 out

I really was holding it, no tricks, those hard silicone hands are useful for something

Okay, the outfit was a bit of a fail. And Mr F's going to try and make my AK-47 look a bit more realistic (it's a BB gun, can still give you a nasty shock ) - Mr Psion gave him some YouTube videos to look at.

And that's pretty much it.

Monday 21st September

All that was left for me to do was drive Mr Flibble home.


Love from Miss K


PS Many thanks to all the lovely people who were there - we had a great time. Especially many thanks to Tommo and Samurai for their lovely breakfasts. Many thanks to Algae for arranging Pizza on Friday night. Many thanks to Revol for arranging Fish and Chips on Saturday night. Many thanks to Mr Psion for arranging the event at short notice (and Mystique says many thanks for the wedding dresses which she will try on over Christmas.) Many thanks to Karrot for bringing the cuddly Mr Nibbles Many thanks
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