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i watched the sex robot docu and it was very interesting. I wish some women would get over themselves.
Over half of them probably don't realise that dildos and phallic toys have been around for thousands of years, not indigenous to, but certainly around for a long time in the likes of Japan.
I am not what i would consider the ugliest monster on Earth, but i have learnt through loneliness, that should i be lucky enough to ever have another relationship, having a doll has made me feel more attentive, loving, giving etc.
No way in the world have i ever wanted to, before or after a doll, wanted to grope, rape or demean a woman (ok, maybe in my mind, a wee grope).
If one is inclined to be abusive, be it with a doll or a person, they are mentally unstable in the 1st place, sod all to do with owning the doll.
Don't even know if what i said is valid in this thread really, but hey ho
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