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Photos are truly awesome!
Would love to use a few of them on my .com and site I would be happy to give you a royalty payment to use them too.

Thanks for your kind words of thanks too I really appreciate the praise, it is so important.

On new heads, don't know if you have seen the new DS Doll re worked site, where you see the tab for Ex Lite it does say Ex Lites I know Kayla CE head will be coming very soon, as for different body types and heads, I think it's only a matter of time, this product is selling exceptionally well, hard to believe it was only launched in Dec, time does fly.

AAA+ photos, I'm creating an owners wall on my .com and site so anyone who wants to send Ex Doll photos I would be happy to give them pride of place.

Made my day these photos
Cloud Climax

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