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Originally Posted by psion satori View Post
I have no idea Mr. Flibble.

But it looks like a pain in the ass to clean? Am I missing something?
Aye, it might be a pain in the arse to clean, I hadn't thought of that. But never mind, I don't mind the old scampi fries

It was looking at that JY in 'Harleyhahn's Greatest Girls' thread that made me remember something that PDutus wrote over on TDF in a thread entitled 'Best Feeling Pussy and Asshole?'

"The JY "uterus style" vagina is very nice. I went for this option when I ordered my JY175 Sophie. Feels very realistic and I swear that if it were self-lubricating you'd be hard pushed to distinguish it from the real thing." - PDutus (Doll Patriarch)

@ PD, hope you don't mind me quoting you (PS I'm sure I've seen your quote elsewhere.)
"Angels fly because they take themselves lightly..." - G.K.Chesterton
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