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Hi Mr F

Not at all - saved me from repeating myself here.

It's actually not too bad to clean, but the feel is something else. All my JYs have it, although the two who have become the regular bed companions are the 166, especially as Helga, and Monique, my 165SR.

I am not aware of any other manufacturers offering anything similar, although if you order a Jinsan girl through (the guys who work directly with the factory(s)), you can customise her to the nth degree, including the vaginal and anal interior textures.

But the standard Jinsan interior is not a patch on the JY uterus one, in my humble opinion.

Monique is "missionary optimised" with a vengeance, with very forward placement of both entry points, so much so that when she's lying on her back, access to the rear... "What's that Monique? Too much information. I'm sorry, hun. Okay, okay, I'll make it up to you: we'll look on Amazon tomorrow."
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