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Default Sara Maria Giacinti

After recently making her UKLDF debut in the House of Pink Swimsuit Competition here's Sara's very own thread.

For those fabulous members who gave her the two votes before seeing her bikini then this is for you!

A bit of history, Sara Maria Giacinti (or Sara 2 for short!) is from Northern Italy just like Valentina. Como to be precise, home of the famous and beautiful Italian lake.
Less volatile but still unpredictably offbeat, Sara is a bit more approachable than Valentina who is more likely to be a bit slap happy for no reason.

I'll be posting more pictures over the next few weeks but for now here's a quick one showing off more expensive designer fashions from Milan that almost spell out her initials.

I mean they're all there just not quite in the right order...

I now need to fix my signature...
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