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Originally Posted by Karlos View Post
Sara 2
Maybe big Sara 'n little Sara? The dress looks cool on her, BTW
I'm with you on the big Sara and little Sara, big Sara over here is quite tall compared to the other girls! Some might say almost too big...

Originally Posted by Dollscience View Post
Sara II is more elegant sounding don't you think Jimpink for a first name? I'm now off to see if you posted Sara II in the rip roaring bikini you promised you would
It's nearly bikini time, nearly...I let that last poll run for too long and it's due to finish at the weekend, which is when the bikinis come out to play...and I'm not totally against Sara II as a name, I like the unconventional approach!

Originally Posted by shamus View Post
Looking good Sarah

Thats definitely the sort of light up the room smile of someone who has either just received something or has jhas been told that they are going to be doing something.

Nice hair by the way bab

All the best,

Thank you Shamus, yep we're a big fan of short hair and this particular style and smile combo is bringing up thoughts of Frankie Sandford. Win.

You're right Sara is quite happy, I think she's just realised that a portion of the Expanding Wardrobe belongs to her and her only, it's either that or more clothing bundles are currently on route, probably both! It's a more genuine smile compared to the cheeky and hyper Dombromski, which is also fun!

Originally Posted by svevo View Post
Sara Maria.
Looking great in your designer dress.
Thank you Svevo! Everyone looks good in designer stuff, even those with no idea! That's why it's soooo expensive...unless you shop in TK Maxx, for kids sizes!

Originally Posted by Seth View Post
Welcome Sara Maria.

The designer gear looks great and it's short enough to show off those fantastic legs you have. Lovely.
Totally agreed Seth, those legs do keep on going...more of that in a shoot coming up I think.
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