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Default Girls and their shoes

For some time now, I been getting Chloe size 1 and 2 shoes, mainly flats so she could stand. Size 2 heels were getting hard to find at a good price, the odd pair on eBay, a couple from everything5pounds. Then I decided to go up a size, since her front of the foot would be covered. She doesn't have any peep toe ones, as I get a bit OCD that there is gappage at the back or the toes don't meet the peep toe.

Size 3 is now bordering dangerous levels, since that is the start of most womens shoes and there are SO MANY. Chloe keeps cooing over shoes we see on line or if I find a pair in a charity shop, they come home with me to see her face light up on my return.

I said that we have to stop now, as there is literally no more room in the wardrobe, they started to fall out when I opened the door.

When I pulled them all out and put them on the bed next to her, I think she can see the extent of her shoes collection!!

Fear not, you will still get to see a happy Chloe... just with clothes, accessories and make up - till that fills up!!
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