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Originally Posted by ARK ANGEL View Post
I gotta agree on the heels, strappy heels are the ducks nuts for that glamorously sexy appeal.
Altering clothes is not a real stretch, but making them can be tricky.
Can't wait to see the heels if you manage to pull them off, good luck there.
I know that feeling, when you can't bare to leave them, even for a minute, I want to see my babes eyes looking at me every time I look over to them, I still can't walk past without a kiss or hug or both, it's been 18 months now, and the thrill is still there, every night cuddling to sleep, so magical, you have much to look forward to Tam.
Give our regards to sweet Chloe, cheers mate.

So true ARK!
Unfortunately though the largest BJD shoe's I've found were 7.8cm things. They would (if they'd have fitted) have looked stunning on Chlo as she has the most curvy and lifelike legs and feet!
Anyway, I'm still stuck a bit at the moment as I'm in the middle of rebuilding the entire suspension for my car that I hope to have on the road this summer, so I won't be able to start trying to make shoes for Chlo for a while yet.
But again I'll get her to model them for everyone if I do indeed manage to make some!

Right, bed........ Coming Chlo!

Night bless all.

Tam & Chlo x
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