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Originally Posted by Tomcat View Post
Brill thx . I'm wondering if a thick size solder be any good instead of wire . As be very flexible .

Hello from across the pond there Tomcat.

What Brand doll do you have?

Solder being very flexible will break faster. Its all in the bending X number of times before it breaks.

I have noticed that Dolls with Palm plates such as WM, SM, etc seem to break faster and they usually break right where the wire exits the plate. The repair tutorial I wrote and posted on the forum is very accurate but it appears my wire material choice was not so good.
Wire material is possibly the most important part. As some use braided, some used twisted hard wire (solid copper phone wire) I used mild steel tag wire i.e. the kind that is designed to be twisted and untwisted...
see first attachment

5 strands twisted together.. like this... See second attachment

These lasted all of about 3 months. 4 of them broke at the palm plate exit.

I have repaired the other hand using 12 ga sold copper wire.. while hard to bend, It has not yet broken. I have ordered 2 new palm plates from, and are waiting on them. I will take the old ones out and start over. KÚvin has been most generous in his helping me with my issues and idea. I consider him a good friend in the industry.
A couple friends of mine have repaired fingers also, one used the WD-40 can "gooseneck" tube 3.3mm diameter with a solid copper wire as core. (very clever)
see pic linked:

My other friend is experimenting with ball joint fingers and knuckles

Looks like a terminator hand right now, I'm sorry I can't locate the photo he sent me.
I plan on doing a complete video tutorial on the new palm plate finger repairs.
as of now I have removed the wires per waspie.

One thing to keep in mind, there are 2 diff kind of repairs.. those that have a palm plate, and those that do not. Honestly, I feel that the ones without a palm plate may last longer as the wires go up to the wrist and not the middle of the hand.
My originals broke due to my mishandling, she took a tumble off the bed, also bumped on the narrow halls in my house... was really bummed a month old and almost all fingers broken.. The repaired fingers were broken by just sleeping with her and them getting bent in weird positions in sleep and such.

I have more pictures if you decide to tackle it and need help, PM me. bear in mind I am -6 USTZ central.

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