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(_I yield the keyboard to my babe:_)

Helloooo! Jayna here, living happily with Zang, "smack in the middle of America", as he likes to say.
I hope you like this photo; it was taken just for you!

Well, the tape measure says I'm still 48 inches tall, and 33 / 19 / 28 around those key places.
Shoe size? Why would I need shoes when my guy carries me everywhere?
Imagine that, a modern-day girl who doesn't care about shoes!

Occupation: Amateur photo-model, snuggle-honey par excellence, and good-night-every-night sleeping aide!
Likes: Other Teddy Babes, plush pillows and blankets, looking my best for photos... not to mention all the close & cozy cuddling & caressing I get and give!! (I was SO made for it!!)
Dislikes: When morning embraces have to end, and when my guy has to leave for a while. But parting is such sweet sorrow!

Here's where most of my photos are, at the big Doll Album.
There's quite a variety, so do stop on by sometime, there's a good chap!
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