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Well about 7 years ago my wife was diagnosed with cervical cancer she is all clear now thankfully. but it has had some side effects to our intimacy but my wife is very open minded and after trying out a couple of other sex toys such as fleshlights i showed her the tpe love dolls and she actually ordered one for me she dresses her up and takes the photos in my wifes own words "Ivy belongs to her i just get to use her" lol. But one thing i would not have done is brought a love doll into the house without my wifes approval as some people are just not comfortable with them and my marriage is more important to me. What i would say is just sit down with your wife and explain why you would like to get one this conversation could actually bring you closer together as its not something you would discuss with just anyone. The worst case scenario is she says no and your in the same position your in now but at least you would know where you stand.
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