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All correct Matt

When she arrives, open the box carefully, no long sharp knives!
Take your time unwrapping her in the box so you dont snag anything
Make sure you have a flat place to put her after you lift her from the box.
Once she's out clear your area, then start to get her together. Her head will need to be screwed on and her wig will need to be attached. Applying Talc to the top of the neck and base of the head where they meet will make things move easier

Take Your Time! and remember to Breathe!

Oh, and enjoy it

Other stuff you should have ready for when she gets there

Hairbrush, Talc (or Cornflour), a large blush brush is handy for spreading the talc around), white towels to dry her after a bath (white cant stain her), a pack of tights (i'll cover why in a sec), something for her to wear (Satin PJ's will make her feel awesome in bad and also protect her from all sorts of bed snags (i never said you had to do the buttons up), anti-bacterial hand wash for bath time, Baby oil and Vaseline for keeping her supple.

Tights. Yeah, not the sexiest of items, but .......

Cutting the legs off a pair of tights and placing them over the arms of your doll will allow long sleeves to be put on much more easily

Putting her in tights before you put her in trousers will both protect her from snags and staining, and make getting the trousers on 100x easier

Cutting the feet off a pair of tights for her feet at night protects her toes from snags (can be used for hands too)

Cutting a leg off a pair of tights makes a handy dandy skull cap for under her wig

Hope that helps.


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