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Originally Posted by Seth View Post
Congrats matey, bet you can't wait for her to arrive. I did add #414 to my wanted list when I saw the first shots of her in natural with the blonde hair. Since then, after seeing some shots of her with brown hair and eyes, I actually had to do a double take, shes a dead ringer for my mates sister so she's fallen down the list a bit.

That said, I really like the look you have gone for with her, looking forwards to seeing more.
Cheers matey

I think those initial pics she was actually light tan but with a lot of blusher and under studio lighting which really makes them seem much lighter. Lol on your mates sister. Well, that likeness could have gone either way

Originally Posted by MrFlibble View Post
Congrat Shamus

I actually think she looks better there than in the professional photos. Maybe it's because that hair, eye and lips colour combination works really well.

I wasn't completely sold on her before, but now And I know with a Shamus makeover she'll look even better

PS Heather would be a cool name for her.
Cheers Mr F very different to her marketing shots isn't she. Face is more elongated which adds just the right number of years to her. Very happy with the result... Except theat the body that I had earmarked for her isn't right for this face... This one is going to cost me big time I fear

Often when you see them in the factory pics they have the dead eyes and you really need to coax them into life when they get here... This one looks completely alive in her factory shots! Obviously someone has told her where she's on her way to

The wig was not going to be for her but it actually suits her perfectly so her look will be pretty much as is (Wig number is Jinsan 16 which has been around for years but for some reason most vendors don't list it as an option????).

The name Heather is definitely taking root.

Originally Posted by algaeholics View Post
I thought that too!
I would not have been able to sleep last night if I hadn't placed that face. It was one of those instant recognitions but not quite being able to put a finger on it.

The name Heather is now a strong front runner (Sandi has dropped by the wayside) although holding off any official name announcement until she gets here as you know yourself that when you see them face to face plans can go straight out of the window.

Not been this nervously excited about an impending arrival for a long time

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