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As promised. A link to the clothing (All from Amazon so no issue with security of the links). The prices that I show below include postage and packaging. I have no link to any of these seller and include only to help those struggling to clothe WM125's.

2.07 per hand. One size adjustable via laces. The string does not detatch so quite difficult to slide through the hand but worth the effort once you manage it.

21.97 UK Size 2.everything else was purchased around these. They fit perfectly. The worry here was that they would be too long but they are actually the perfect length. Only downside is that you need to put them on before putting the laces on and the laces take an age to thread.

7.88. It does come wih the laces but I thought that it looked better without in this instance. The material is EXACTLY the same material / colour as the boots although they are nothing to do with each other.

2.79 Size small. this is a peice of lace material that you tie at the neck and back. It works. There are also nickers with it so quite a bargain rice.

There was also the Corset worn by Yvette the other day that really works as a sexy mini dress:
16.99 size xx-small. When you get it retie the back so that the lace threads through the eyelets in a line rather than the usual latice tie at the back of a corset. This takes it down by about another inch which makes a good fit.

Only part of the jewelry ordered arrived in time for the first shoot. This set is cheap for 15 chokers allowing you to add or remove items to the size of neck.
Price 6.49.

Hope that helps someone find the right size clothes for their 125's.

kindest regards,

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