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Default Award Nomination - Philinotstine

The Award is in Memory of Wetsuit, sadly as a newbie I never met him because he was someone special on here but that's life. To the point, I would like to nominate Phil for the Silver Award for his work as a Mod with his fundraising 'A Poem' tipping the balance.
Since his joining the team he has worked to further the ideals of the Forum and keep it running, something that is not seen by the Members and being a Mod is something a lot of folks would never do because you can never keep all of the people happy all of the time.
The icing on the cake, not doll related for the Forum but something we should all think about was his 'A Poem'. Enough said on that as it's a great contribution to a worthy cause and a good reason to admire the skinhead for his altruism. It'll be better by the time the Meet comes around tho, but Phil......... "nice one".

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