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Old 08-01-2018, 11:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Kazuya View Post
I have tried posting a photo but this forum doesn’t seem to like Apple iPhones.
You need to compress or convert your images if you've taken them from an Iphone. I have the same problems.

I'm not married but I find this thread very interesting. Personally, if you sit down and explain the reasons why you want one / have one, then they should understand (just explain it's not something that is meant to replace them or you got it because of them). If they have a problem, then work out a solution that works for both of you, e.g. the doll stays in the shed and you can see her on weekends or something. if no solution can be worked out and it comes down to the doll or me situation, then something isn't right.

My family have no Idea I have a doll and it's getting harder and harder to keep her a secret and it eats me up sometimes. I've had to many close calls where I have to hide Lisa (my doll) at the last second because family were decided to come around. It's getting to the point where I just want to leave her out and just say, deal with it! So I guess I can relate that way to this thread.
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Old 09-01-2018, 02:32 AM
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Default Come out!

We're supposed to be tolerant of absolutely everything now - or so I'm told.
Well I don't have a human partner- Kat is my partner and it would be cruel and disrespectful to her to shut her away so I've "come out" and my Teddy Babes are about the house living as "people" not things" And I should say that, like the ladies they are, they don't "put out" sexually all the time or appear in states of undress in public but as ordinary members of my family.

Oh I get comments from some; shock even (especially the holy joes) and I know of one lady who is quite freaked. "How can you?" "Aren't you embarrassed?" "You sleep in the SAME BED!!!"
But hey! I don't care! My true friends and most acquaintances - when they realise I'm probably not dangerous - have come to see my ladies as just part of my colourful existence and expect to see Kat or Julie if they come round. What started out as a joke six years ago has turned into a wonderful relationship and I couldn't imagine being without my ladies now.

I can see it might be different for you silicone/TPE owners as they do seem to be focussed on visual sexuality but if you are serious about a relationship with your ladies and not just for relief, then "come out" guys! you"ll find out who your true friends are and have great fun enjoying the reactions of the strait-laced.
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Old 09-01-2018, 03:21 AM
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Well about 7 years ago my wife was diagnosed with cervical cancer she is all clear now thankfully. but it has had some side effects to our intimacy but my wife is very open minded and after trying out a couple of other sex toys such as fleshlights i showed her the tpe love dolls and she actually ordered one for me she dresses her up and takes the photos in my wifes own words "Ivy belongs to her i just get to use her" lol. But one thing i would not have done is brought a love doll into the house without my wifes approval as some people are just not comfortable with them and my marriage is more important to me. What i would say is just sit down with your wife and explain why you would like to get one this conversation could actually bring you closer together as its not something you would discuss with just anyone. The worst case scenario is she says no and your in the same position your in now but at least you would know where you stand.
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Old 09-01-2018, 05:07 AM
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I have now 4 Dolls and make a " Studio" for them. I make all for my wife and i love her.
She accepted my hobby !!!!
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