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Old 17-01-2022, 12:16 PM
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Default Emma is taking a break

I recently mentioned in Tommos thread that Emma had a few problems.. Thank you Karlos for your reply, didnt wanna say too much as i dont like to hijack someones thread.
Anyway pretty much from day 1 my poor girl has had problems which ive not talked about much. Im the same with my own issues lol. First off she got water into her stomach region when i cleaned her as she hadnt been plugged properly at the factory. I had to make an incision in her side and insert a tube to get most of the water out. Im unsure if this was the cause but her lower back seized up so i couldnt pose her in certain ways for fear of breaking her.
Then her fingers started breaking one by one. I replaced them all but over time they broke again even though i tried so hard to be careful with her. I replaced them once more with stronger wires but her hands are now in quite a rough state. Also ive noticed green areas which means they will inevitably rot away.
Her ankle came loose which i was able to fix easily as there was no weld, i believe she was made on a friday and the bastards were in a rush to go home.
Both knees flop when i pick her up and now both hips do the same. She has collapsed a couple of times so i dont try to stand her anymore. As i have a bare skeleton in my garage i can see how i would need to tighten the hips and it would be a major operation which in light of the green on her hands i see no point of putting her through anymore.
I love my girl so much that ive decided fuck it, its only money so im saving to buy her a new body, hopefully soon as thanks to brexit lorry drivers are now getting paid a lot more
So this is why Emma has been a little quiet of late and will be for a while longer but i promise she will be back better than ever

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Old 17-01-2022, 12:32 PM
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Poor Emma

It's a horrible situation but if I was in your place I think I'd do the same and replace her body rather than deal with the stress and hassle of attempting to fix everything. Even if I could fix all those things I don't think I'd be happy with the results of my bodge jobs, and some of the stuff you're describing doesn't sound possible to fix anyway.

Getting rid of a doll's body is not a pleasant experience, I shed more than a few tears when I did that with Zoe. I think it'll be ok though, I got over it almost instantly, it was just the process of doing it that hurt.

Looking on the bright side - maybe the replacement body can have all the latest upgrades that her old body might not have had. Those new hand skeletons WM are doing look fantastic.

All the best with it. It sucks right now but once you've dealt with it she will be perfect again
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Old 17-01-2022, 01:10 PM
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Chloe, Elena and I are sending Emma virtual hugs and good vibes and we look forward to her getting better.
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Old 17-01-2022, 01:30 PM
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She'll be fine Adam, and possibly thankful that her boobs might get bigger...

Any plans on which bod?

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Old 17-01-2022, 01:47 PM
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As everyone has said above, This will all work out fine! I think the worst you will have to deal with is a slight colour mis-match if anything.

Emma will still be Emma, and the joy of our girls is that a new body is not a difficult thing, just a costly one. I can understand that the actual disposal of the old one could be emotional (Been there too), but you'll have a revitalized queen of the house to see to it that you dont get too least unless its mushy over her!


Click the pics for their threads...
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Old 17-01-2022, 01:57 PM
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Damn Adam, that really sucks. I can only echo what others have said though, it'll all work out in the end mate. Any idea what body Emma would like or, are you thinking of going for the same one or what?
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Old 17-01-2022, 01:59 PM
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Much love, Emma, from me, Sihtric and Rachel. Looking forward to you getting a new body just as much as you are, xx
Carpe Diem
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Old 17-01-2022, 02:05 PM
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OMG, poor Em.

Get well soon bab.

On the bright side, tell her that when her new bod arrives its going to have gripping hands and she'll be over the moon about an upgrade.

Just reassure the poor lass that she is the head. The rest of her just keeps her from falling on the floor.

bodies come and go but there is only one Emma.

Get well soon bab.

Love n hugs from everyone in the Shire.

p.s. good luck ordering her a body without a head. I've really, really tried that but always a case of "Damn your head wizards Jinsan".
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Old 17-01-2022, 02:29 PM
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I know it is very upsetting when a doll develops defect such as this. the problems of TPE!
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Old 17-01-2022, 02:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Dongo View Post
I know it is very upsetting when a doll develops defect such as this. the problems of TPE!
Hi Dongo,

thats all girls, not just TPE.

Doesn't matter if they are TPE, Silicone, Plush, foam or breathers. They can all go wrong. And they can all be perfect.

TPE simply gets noticed more because there is much, much, much more of it than dolls of any other material.

This isn't what Emma is made of its simply a luck of the draw and an unfortunate internal birth defect.

She must be down enough already. Lets not try to make her feel that when her new body arrives she will be anything less than perfect (which she will be).

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