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Old 19-01-2022, 12:46 PM
Tomaroo Tomaroo is offline
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Default Introducing myself

Hi folks,

I thought I should introduce myself rather than just looking on from the sidelines. I joined because I was interested in looking for a used doll, but have also been curious about this unusual little sub-culture. I am impressed by the friendliness and civility I have seen.

I am still interested in trying a doll, although I haven't taken the plunge yet because my living situation would make it difficult. With my closest friends I could be open about it, but not everyone is so understanding! What I shall probably do is buy a cheapish one, try it out while I am travelling around with my van, and resell it or give it away when it isn't convenient to keep it hidden. Perhaps that seems callous, but to be honest the main thing I want is nookie! This isn't because I am unable to find a woman or have relationships, it is because I basically can't be bothered. People invest so much time and energy into the things, and they seem so often lead to unhappiness. I don't feel a lack of emotional intimacy, which I am able to get from my deep friendships, especially with other men. But I still have a sexual appetite, which I don't have an outlet for. I thought dolls might be worth a try. I suppose I am a bit of a Mgtow (men going their own way). Not because I don't like women, but I do think it is good if men and women learn to be independent of one another. And I don't like the demonisation of male sexuality, which I am sure many doll owners will have encountered.

Anyway, that's a bit about me.
All the best,
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Old 19-01-2022, 12:53 PM
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Welcome Tomaroo

Good advice from others will follow shortly no doubt.
Everyone is different. Some will never be able to part with their dolls (even the cheap ones like my first, a Kimber (Amy) and others don't develop attachment.
But welcome to the forum. It's a very helpful place and I've formed really good friendships over the two years I've been active here.
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Old 19-01-2022, 01:29 PM
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Tomaroo from Dongo, Nicole, Willow and Bailey-Jane.

After Dark is quite correct some of us develop attachments to our dolls. Nicole and Willow have been with me for over nine years. You will find a lot posted on this Forum for the benefit of would-be doll owners. One point I would emphasis is do not under estimate the weight of a TPE girl. Several people have had to sell their dolls soon after delivery as they could not cope with the weight. Any way, good luck in your choice.
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Old 19-01-2022, 01:33 PM
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Tomaroo You've done right by coming out of the lurkers corner

Thanks for the open introduction, but please dont feel you have to explain yourself You'll be amazed at how many on here arent with dolls because of lack of options.

Now, You're going to hear this a chunk because its the stock advice.

Be aware that a TPE girl is heavy. Even at around 30KG you'll have a learning curve in how to handle them, because she's not a 30KG sack of spuds you can bear hug

Also, check out KimberDoll
Already in the UK, Usually next day delivery, never had a bad review on here, and a reasonable 'Dipping the toe' price (and she bangs like the shitter door when the plague's in town ), considering what you have said in your post.

HTH get you started.


Click the pics for their threads...
"...there was an odd smell of fish coming from it.." The Tale of Fluffy Kittenpaws
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Old 19-01-2022, 01:43 PM
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ex-lurker Mr Tomaroo sir!

From what you've written above, you'll fit right in.

As Mr. K said, no need to explain yourself.

You be you...

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Old 19-01-2022, 01:59 PM
revoL annaerB's Avatar
revoL annaerB revoL annaerB is offline
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Welcome to the forum, Mr Ex-Lurker

You may start off thinking of just the sex angle, or angles of possible sex, but you may get an attachment which you didn't expect, that is when the whole situation changes Either way, a new Kimber is an excellent and cost-effective way to start as you will more than likely pay just as much or more for a second-hand doll of other brands.

Feel free to ask questions, post comments in member's threads and get to know us
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Old 19-01-2022, 03:46 PM
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welcome in from the cold matey... And talking of cold, she's not going to like living in your van.

TPE needs to be kept clean and dry or you will end up with black mold. It doesn't need to be kept warm but it should not be allowed to become overly cold.

She also needs to be powdered either twith cornflour or talc (I prefer the former) to change TPE into flesh.

Mr K has already touched on weight so I won't dwell on that beyond saying that for a ball park indication of what the weight feels like take the advertised weight and double it.

If she does live in a van then she would need to be stored flat on a soft matress and completely entombed within a duvet (or two). Make sure that her tootsies are not exposed to the elements and keep her hands folded accross her chest and with two pairs of white girls knee length socks over her hands and arms.

Have a short cheap wig. Longer ones in bed will just end up matted messes.

These girls only really come alive with love. So many here thought that they were buying a sex toy and end up in a relationship every bit as real as with a breather.

There is a quite steep learning curve involved with looking after these girls and you will make mistakes along the way so as Algae indicates a Kimber may well be your best bet although real shame that they have just gone up in price by 20% (down to shipping costs) as for the past couple of years they have been a real bargain but the difference between kimber and Lucid seems now to be closing and with the best will in the world Kimbers head isn't for everyone.

Talking heads, Kimbers use standard M16 head connectors so the head can be changed but that would be a way down the line once you have got used to living with a TPE girl.

Welcome to the forum. Very much looking forwards to following your progress.

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Old 19-01-2022, 04:06 PM
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Welcome aboard. A doll would make hreat company whilst travelling in a van. My emma came on some ahort trips in mine before it was robbed.
I also was a bit of a mgtow for a while. Guess i was just bitter after i ended my relationship. After nearly 2 yrs living with dolls ive never looked back and wouldn't change a thing. Best of luck to ya
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Old 19-01-2022, 04:18 PM
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LOL, poor guy sticks his head above the parapet and instantly there's a barrage of information and advice!

Welcome Tomaroo!
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Old 19-01-2022, 04:38 PM
Tomaroo Tomaroo is offline
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Thanks for the welcome, and the advice.

I hope I didn't come across as trying to justify myself. My intention was just to share where I am coming from. I wasn't making any assumptions about others. But for what it's worth, anyone who is in the position of finding relationships difficult to come by has my sympathy, and I hope dolls can help meet a need. Men who aren't successful with women tend to get shamed for it and I don't like it. I used to be one of those myself. Throughout my twenties I was a bit of a blunderer with women and made a fool of myself many times. So I realised I had to get my sense of self worth in other ways. Then in my thirties I had a relationship with a rather gorgeous woman, but I realised it involved me in a whole load of emotional mess that I would rather stay free from.

Now I am 40 and still fairly strong, so hopefully the weight thing won't be a problem, but thanks for the warning. I have considered a Kimber, but I am not all that attracted to her (though I am sure I could manage to, er, you know!). Perhaps if I found the right doll it would become more than just scratching a physical itch. We'll see.
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