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Old 04-08-2018, 11:35 AM
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Default A Night In The Chair

Well Last Night (Friday) was quite normal night in the Life of Tommo.
Come home from work about six o'clock, got some Wifi network at last (we aren't allowed phones at work - Sorry that's a lie, we are allowed phones but we have no signal or wifi on the factory) so I can only get access to the forum once I am home.
Anyway I am home at last and I quickly read all the new posts from the day, My phone is on 5% battery, nice one.
Have a shower, may as well not have bothered, still bloody hot. Shouldn't really complain, I usually get that hot when I see all the sexy girls on here it makes need another shower anyways.
Have my tea and then sit down in the living room, so I can go back on the forum and start replying to post etc. 3 mins max phone flat nice one.
Oh well not so bad, out comes the laptop and guess what 15 bloody updates and a 30 minute wait before the damn thing started up. My phone was nearly charge by the time it had come on.
I spend a few hours on the computer and I thinks maybe its time to call it a day and go to bed........

Or maybe not.....

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