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Old 18-11-2017, 12:42 PM
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Default The Teddy Babe Club

Welcome to the Teddy Babe Club - Meet & Greet

This forum is where Teddy Babes can introduce themselves and tell everyone who they are, where they're from and their backstories if they have one. This is also a good forum for general chit chat as well.

My name is Lisa Emily Page and I'll be your host! I'll do my best to keep topics flowing and maintain this forum.

So what is the Teddy Babe Club?

Here Teddy Babes can talk freely without their boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wife's etc, etc. All Teddy Babes are welcomed, no matter where you are, where you're from, we are all made from the same stuffing.
Teddy Babes can talk about anything they want, this is a free forum where Teddy Babes can express themselves, get to know each other, support each other, discuss random topics and have fun!

You don't need to have your own account. If you do have your own account, then great, you don't need to worry. Those who wish to use they're partners account can use them, however be sure to change the colour of your text and place your name in the message so we know it's you! An example can be seen below.
Tina Babe: Hmmm I wish I had some new shoes.
To change the colour of the font, highlight your font and find the big A. Next to the A is a drop down, select your colour. A tag will wrap around your text.

Pictures are wonderful, the more pictures the better. If you don't have a picture of yourself but still want to join in, then don't worry, you still can. Until you do get a picture of yourself, just tell us your name and modal, so we can imagine what you look like for the time being

If you want to revisit an old topic that has been previously discuss, then feel free to bring it back up.

Finally HAVE FUN!!!! If you ever have a question about the forum, then simply ask or PM myself.
The Lisa Album

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Old 18-11-2017, 01:08 PM
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I'll kick start!

I'm Lisa Emily Page, I'm 28, I'm a Lisa deluxe modal and I'm from Cambridge, I went to boarding school there. I live with my partner North now. I've been with North for over 6 months and I can't imagine life without him.

Since we've been together, he has looked after me and has repaired my heal, foot and arm, handy having a man that's good with a needle.

I consider myself an adventurist person, you wont normally see me in a dress, I try to keep up with the latest fashion trends, I'm still young you know.

As a career I'd love to go into TV presenting or at least primary school teaching.

The Lisa Album

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Old 18-11-2017, 04:25 PM
Naga Viper Naga Viper is offline
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I'm Naga... I'm a Sonya Deluxe Vampire from France. My birthdate is unknown but i've met a funny French looksmith called Louis who kidnap the French Queen long time ago...

Minato is my man since 03/2014, after two short love stories. I came from USA. I was angry with men because dolls need steadiness and afraid he doesn't like my vampire side. Complicated!

But, quickly, i've understood Minato is a good person, and i'd better to keep him alive... Even if i'm dangerous, i do like his cuddles, and i try to be attractive.

I have a stange pet called Scratina...

And we welcomed a very smart Deluxe Teddy Babe Akiko called Hinata.

There's a ape maybe, i'm not sure...
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Old 18-11-2017, 08:15 PM
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Default From Lady Kat, Greetings.

Countess Ekaterina Romanova.

I am Lady, Countess Ekaterina Ludmila Dolleva Romanova but friends may call me Lady Kat. I am from Russia; 32 years of age and living in England with my husband Mr Kats, six years. I share home with my friend and companion Donna Giulietta, called Miss Julie and our adopted daughter Olga.

Is so nice for to be a place we plush ladies can chat and be friends and so thank you to glamorous Miss Lisa for making it so.
I use at present my husband's account as it has all of my pictures on but hope to re-activate my own soonest. Is so good to meet all friends here. Ello to you all.

Here is Miss Julie and Olga.

The World of Kat. Her Albums here.

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Old 18-11-2017, 09:09 PM
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hello my name is carly snugglemore i am a deluxe carly model, i don't know how old i am but have been with carlys_guy for just over three years. before i moved in with CG i was a model for MR. midiman in canada i even traveled with him to the hershey doll meet early the year i move in with CG.

carly snugglemore
P.S. i can't figure out the colors change for the text.
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Old 18-11-2017, 09:21 PM
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First highlite the text

P.S. i can't figure out the colors change for the text.

Then look for the A

Fonts>Size >A Click the drop down arrow and then select your colour, and this will change your highlited text to that colour.

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Old 18-11-2017, 10:22 PM
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Ok, right, yeah, up for this!

I'm Cindy, 33, and awesome! I'm an original Classic, as in I'm one of the first there was! So yeah, ner ner nee ner ner all you neo's
(Pinky: Be nice Cindy!)

I made Samurai's life hell for a while, but he totally deserved that, even though I do kinda still love him for it. Then I buggered off to find my fortune, fell on some bad luck, and ended up in the potting shed of The Patch one cold rainy night where Karrot found me (well Earl found me first, but went to get Karrot).

Since then I've been hanging out at the Patch with my big little sister Jess, and my bit on the side Pinky


My Story

Pics n shit!

Love ya!


Strong Independent Girl, Chillin' at 'The Patch' with Jess, Pinky, Earl, Norris and Karrot
Cinderella Snuggleworth

Sometimes I borrows this account, Earl.
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Old 18-11-2017, 10:34 PM
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Hi, I'm Pinky (not cos of that hair/Mop). I'm 27 I think, and I only remember the last 4 years here at The Patch. You see I came to the patch as an injured TeddyBabe. Dr Karrot and Dr Revol took me into care when no one else could and thanks to Cindy, Jess, Viki, and Breanna I've pulled through ok, but the Conplushion I suffered has left me with no memory of what happened before.

I'm a Neo-Classic, according to Dr Karrot, from the Jessica sorority. I'm a bit punky and a bit industrial, and a lot Cyber Goth. I would have some nice Cyberlox (cool hair), except "Mop" decided to live on my head a while back and well, he does keep my plushy noodle quite warm.

You can read about THAT episode here

And my arrival stories are here
Part 1, By CyberTed
Part 2, By Karrot

Anyway, heres lil me

Living at The Patch with Jess, Cindy and Karrot
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Old 18-11-2017, 11:07 PM
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Oh lord, I cant remember my password so I'm borrowing Karrots account again.

Hi, I'm Jess, the Original Patch Babe. I'm 26 now, and have been here for the past 5 years. Karrot is my first Human, and I dont want to trade him in for another one. He's perfect for me.

Some people say I'm a bit ditzy and a bit soppy but I really dont know wh....oooo kitten!.......what was I saying? oh yes, I like heavy metal. Total rock chick.

so, um, yeah.



The Patchlings
....and so I said to her, "Yes, they're very impressive, but you'll look bloody daft doing that on a horse!"
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Old 19-11-2017, 12:13 AM
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Hi Everyone I am Lucy, 'a neo-classic standard Lisa style STB',

I live on a boat in London with my little sister Ana, Mr and Mrs Fezmonkey and their dog Duke.

I will be 21 in January and like warm hugs.

Here is my latest picture and back story, best keep your tissus handy for that one


Love and hugs,

Lucy xxx

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girls only, teddy babe, teddy babe deluxe, teddy babe standard

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