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Old 30-11-2019, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by ecobod View Post
When using acetone, would a dampened cotton bud be too much?
That's what I use.

BUT... a caveat... Check that your cotton buds don't get melted by the acetone. The cotton won't but the shaft might...

I learned early on that those small sponge applicators are susceptible.

TEST TEST and then TEST... 😀

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Old 30-11-2019, 02:27 PM
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Ok, was really glad to see this thread, as both top eyelashes on Suzy were hanging off, so, read, absorbed, and got the superglue plus toothpic (and some magnifying modelling glasses).....seriously, I looked like the mad professor!!!

I get into position to delicately work on her eyelashes and........nothing!
It would appear there was enough "tack" left from the original glue that repositioning them a few days ago allowed them to set back in place!

Lucky, or what?
Still, thanks to this thread, at least I know how to approach it when the glue eventually gives up for real, so many thanks folks!
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