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Old 10-02-2020, 08:44 AM
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Originally Posted by TheChillPill View Post
I think it's a local thing - pot luck sometimes. I used to have a great Hermes driver and would actively look for companies that used them, safe in the knowledge I'd receive my order safely and on time. He retired and has been replaced by another driver that couldn't care less - I very rarely receive my orders when they're sent via Hermes now.
Routes are contracted out, which are then further "given" to drivers. One driver can have several routes with several other drivers doing their routes for them. It's a common practice in the industry. Some "master drivers" monitor their drivers to make sure they are following policies and giving due diligence to all their packages while other drivers could care less.

I used to load dock to door trucks and some drivers are incredibly picky on how they are loaded since they take care for each package and can't risk them being even remotely loaded wrong while other drivers don't even look and just "deal with it" while en route.
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