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Old 10-02-2013, 07:29 PM
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Default New Issue of CoverDoll - check it out!

The February issue of CoverDoll is online

This month's CoverDoll magazine is out now (in virtual newsstands everywhere!) And this month our own publisher kharn has a new 4woods doll, and he has somehow pulled a few strings to get her to the front of the line of the CoverDoll girls Okay, but still, Mami obviously deserves special treatment; I mean, just look at her! No, I mean it, check out her stats and photoshoot... what, you're still here?

While you're at it, there's plenty of other new content this month, so ALSO check out...
  • Muneca's back, this time as our Monthly Featured Photographer for February. And he has an outstanding photoshoot with another high-class locale, with the naked Miami lying on a "'Bare'-skin Rug"
  • Star88 has his blonde Kalei decked out in black leather...
  • Meadow only gave a quick flash last month, but for Valentine's she bares it all...
  • Nescio50 shows off his new Siberian beauty, in her natural habitat... that's my hottie in the snow
  • DollyForMe's review of "Sound of My Voice", starring (and co-written) by Brit Marling...
  • CoverDoll Mami's full-size poster, and a V-Babe bandita who will steal your heart...
  • Alektra's Castle has a new member, but watch what happens when you leave Girls Alone!
  • and don't forget to check out the Art section, or last-month's Living Dolls Comic...

Don't forget to sign-in (or sign-up if you haven't already), and leave some nice comments on the contributors' blogs!

Go to CoverDoll

. Yoshimi . . . Maiko . . . Rebecca . . . Lissa . . . . Sacha . . . . Lily . . . . . Lina . . . . Lena . . . . Tracy . .

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