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Old 08-10-2019, 07:52 PM
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Default SOLD -Sophie 1450mm TPE Doll

Hi I have a Unused 1450TPE Doll bought in December 2018 so in perfect condition Collection only 400 South Bolton Area

I bought it just before Christmas from "" but took 6 weeks to arrive and caused lots of problems in the mean time. It was picked up at customs as the stupid shippers put it down as worth only 50dollars so
I got a phone call from UPS at the end of January. They asked what it was so I had to tell them (They do have XRAY and it has a metal skeleton).
I had to pay nearly 250 customs charge and when it arrived the box had been opened by Border Patrol but no worries nothing came of it

Due to all these problems I couldn't hide it when it arrived so my wife knows what it is ,also I have bad back problems and found out that I couldn't even
move the box let alone the doll so thats it i have no options but get rid of it. The doll is upside down in the box as shown in my pictures I got the head out as you can see shame I couldn't get to dress it and take a few of it dressed. Its a real nice doll I only wish I could have got to make use of but sadly no I couldn't.

Doll Name Sophie
1450mm High
Weight 59.4Lds-27Kg
Bust 31.5 inch
Waist 20.5"
Hips 32.5
Feet 8"
Standing Feet Option
Built in VAGINA With Pubes
3 Holes
100% TPE, Metal skeleton

Comes with wig as shown (and another spare if i find it) ,about a dozen items of clothing and underwear nothing really sexxy though

The Doll is for COLLECTION ONLY cash on delivery as I cant even move it and I cant get help from my wife so don't ask me to arrange to get it delivered .
i'm located just a few miles south of Bolton 10 minutes from the M61 .
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