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Old 21-12-2019, 02:04 AM
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Default Kimber Doll - Latest Shipments

Hi all,

Just a quick update for the large number of preorder customers in the UK. Happy to report that all preorders placed up until the 19th have been shipped and tracking numbers uploaded. All orders placed after the 19th will be shipped out on Monday the 23rd and then back to normal, next day dispatch (barring public holidays).

Delivery to preorder customers will likely be Monday the 23rd. If any customers have any questions about delivery, please contact us by email and we'll be glad to assist.

We had some delays caused by UKBF, who made the call to unpack our entire container which caused the 1-2 delay.

** Admin please amend or edit if this if against policy:

Unfortunately, we have ~6 KD-FS products that have been opened and examined by officials which can now no longer be sold as brand new and unopened.

If anyone is interested in a bargain Kimber, feel free to send us an email and make an offer. The condition on this half-dozen is still 99% brand new - but we would simply can't sell them as full price.

So the good news is that the majority of preorders placed throughout December will be arriving in time for Christmas, and we now have Kimber's back in stock and ready to ship as before. 2-3 business day delivery time - no further delays, inspections or customs examinations.

Thanks for your time, Merry Christmas to all.
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