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Old 12-10-2017, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by algaeholics View Post

I'm wondering, with this repair whether some kind garage mechanic could weld together a 90 degree solid to put into the tubing rather than relying on a plastic insert...?
That's got to be the best and strongest way of sorting the problem.

Anything fixed outside the tube will probably end up breaking even if you're bolting through.

I would measure the internal diameter of the tube and get someone to fabricate a right angle out of reasonably thick s/steel tubing (3-4mm). And make the ends long enough to have 2 M8 bolts in both ends of the right angle (total of 4 bolts in all). I would also consider adding some thick curved washers to either side of the bolt holes to spread the gripping force and prevent the thin wall outside tube from splitting around the bolt holes. These washers can be simply curved pieces of 3mm X 25mm flat bar or segments of an outer sized s/steel tube.

S/steel is really brittle, especially where its welded... The underneath of a s/steel weld is crusty and porous because there's no protective gas (argon) getting to that side (unless the inside is purged with argon first).. which is too expensive and time consuming in most cases.
The tubing they are using is most likely 304L or similar, it has a high chromium content which makes it hard but brittle/fragile.

I would offer to fabricate something for you but unfortunately my TIG welders PCB blew up and it'll probably be a few weeks before I get it fixed.
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