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Old 13-01-2021, 08:19 PM
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Originally Posted by john4980 View Post
So middle of last year I picked up a lovely WM161G from a member here. In the description he stated that the joints were "a bit loose". I picked her up and he asked if they were difficult to get to stand as he'd never been able to get her to stand freely. I assumed he meant that balancing was difficult...

So I got her home and it turns out that she's never going to stand... Her joints are so loose that it feels like she was never tightened in the first place.

For example, if you lay her on her back and lift a leg it will immediately drop. If you sit her upright she will fold over almost immediately (and from the mid back not the hips). Lift up an arm and it flops back down.

I could understand if it was a couple of joints, but pretty much every joint in her body is loose to the point of not holding any poses.

I assume that there's nothing that can really be done to help and she's still a lovely doll, I just wonder whether this has happened as a result of any particular treatment or whether it was likely she was just not tightened up properly...
Now the WM161G's been on my radar for the whole time I have had my short doll life, three years ago today I ordered my first doll and the WM161G made it onto my first ever short list and many others too, I have read most of the reviews I can find about this doll over the time, although, there are not that many around.

I believe the WM161G was first produced early part of 2017 and still the same model is in production today, it's made by Jinsan WM-Doll as opposed to WM-Dolls, when her model was launched (she sound like a flipping car) she came out at the same time as the hinged wrists became available, which was another selling feature at the time, her are just wonderful though. Now unless you asked the vendor or factory for your order to be made with a loose skeleton, they will always tighten the joints on a TPE doll, I do not believe there is many about, on silicone dolls that is more an optional thing.

Now your description is fitting of a couple of my dolls, that over the time have become loose, I will exclude dolls with ball joints because they are just pathetic. I have a YL157H (Elsa) that fits every bit of your description perfectly, she's got loose hips, her legs will no longer hold position, her knees and her back joints are loose, her back joint I have to find the balancing point to keep back upright even siting down, her joints were originally tight, When I bought her she was a few months old, I'd had her over a year and she was fine, then in six months everything start to became loose.

I believe your doll's just become loose at some point and was tight in the first place, I have also found the joints that are overtighten when you receive a doll, fall off a cliff and become loose overnight.



PS. not recommending you stand your doll, although all my TPE dolls that were made to stand and are loose, I manage to stand.

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