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Old 09-04-2019, 09:05 PM
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Originally Posted by algaeholics View Post
or as a minimum number of seizures to reach based on arbitrary managerial targets.
Though said in pseudo jest I have thought for some time that is actually some mileage in that thought!
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Old 10-04-2019, 05:17 AM
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Originally Posted by algaeholics View Post
Until they decide otherwise on a whim, or as a 'points means prizes' exercise for the employees, or as a minimum number of seizures to reach based on arbitrary managerial targets.

As an aside, I have recently learned that something encouraging illegal activity is more likely to be considered obscene.

That being said... These inflatable 'stag-do sheep' had better be taken off the market pretty smartish as they could, using the same CPS logic, encourage certain undesirable activities with animals. Certainly anyone releasing them at football matches would be guilty of an 'obscene publication'...

Stop the bus, I'm getting off...
The answer I got from an eBay seller is that the Border Farce don't seem interested in the taller busty dolls as it would be harder to justify seizing a doll that obviously has the figure of a woman.

Any doll over 160cm and a DD cup or over should be safe for an individual to import. The Border Farce might hold it, but I think they would find it very hard to justify seizing it and trying to get the police involved if someone decided to fight back in court, especially if the CPS see it isn't in the public interest to prosecute

After all, if a Judge decides that such a doll isn't representing someone underage, then technically it would be even harder for the Border Farce to use it as a prosecution as in law they would have been passed as not being illegal.

Alternatively, if you have enough money and are reselling, buy in bulk - enough to fill a number of 40ft shipping containers. Ask the supplier to put the smaller ones at the farthest point from the door - only a few dolls deep - and the tallest and heaviest ones to fill up the rest of the container and see if the Border Farce want to unload every single doll in the containers to check them.

That way you can test the resolve of the Border Farce to see if they then want to unload every single one to inspect them without the need afterwards to visit a chiropractor to get their backs sorted out.
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Old 21-04-2019, 03:56 PM
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I'm not the only one thinking the CPS have offered a half arsed attempt at clarification...:

We can work with definitive parameters...

We cannot work with vague inferences or continued dithering and the investigative process will not be any easier for the plods on the ground.

This 'guidance' will not make it any easier for any of us attempting to stay within the law.

The only solution I can figure with the present situation is to strengthen your floors, take up body building and buy heavier than an average 18 year old every time.

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