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Old 11-04-2019, 05:21 AM
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Originally Posted by algaeholics View Post
No easy answer Amy...

I'd tell your fella to get you a friend first... Then when he starts taking more photo's of you both, tell him to get a decent camera rather than relying on a mobile phone.

Then... tell him to get a PC...

Then tell him to get you a Lamborghini...

... and some Wagon Wheels...
I use a PC to edit my photos. You can get a reasonable decent cheap software to do it which will crop and resize images. I use Serif Photo plus as you only have to put in one figure for the image size and click on the box with that size. It will then calculate the correct size for the other dimension of the image. IE: put in 800 for a landscape portrait and it will reduce the other dimension so it will be a 800x600 image.
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Old 11-04-2019, 06:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Amydoll View Post
Hi, quick question, what is the quality like on these pics. I'm posting from an average mobile and I'm having to crop the pics a lot to reduce the size so they upload. Do they look ok or are they blurred when viewing on a PC. I'm sure I can get my fella to buy me a PC but I'd rather he gets me a friend with his limited funds.

P.s I'm loving being a part of this community ��

I think your photos are brilliant and Amy looks fantastic.

Really you should be able to do everything off your phone if it is a modern one, without the need to buy anything else.

I use and post pictures to the forum from my phone quite frequently. Yes I have a app that resizes them too.

I am not the greatest whiz kid with technology myself, but I have a PC, laptop and modern Android phone.
For photography I have got a Dslr and like I say there are many, many times I have to use my phone.

The biggest thing for me was when I signed up for a free account to Imgbb, and a lot of people say what's the point, well.. This where my technology knowledge falls apart, the images are saved remotely somewhere else as well as the device I have uploaded them from, so no matter where I am, which usually for 10-12 hours a day is on my phone at work, I can find a photo say of a doll I like maybe on a vendors website click it, save it, and then just upload with Imgbb, all off my phone. I have access to all my photos that have previously uploaded to Imgbb from any device and I can click and post them to the forum from my phone. The main thing is unless the image is over 16mb (yes some of mine seem and apparently need to be) then you don't need to reduce the size.
So other than trying to learn how to take a good picture from my Dslr, most of my usual posts and quite a lot of photos, are written and posted at work from my phone.

The photos was taken on my camera but this post was done on my phone at work.


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