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Old 14-04-2019, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Muninn View Post
Looks like a fun meet, Begog!

Today I went out to yearly meet up of a totally non-Doll related forum. Decent weather, and a 90 minute car journey each way. Decided, sod it - I wanted some company on the drive, and so Lynne came along with me! She didn't come in with me of course, but she waited patiently in the fairly secluded pub car park for a couple of hours. Two of the guys did spot her when we were comparing our cars on leaving - explaining that she is my photographic model and muse, they joked and said that I was lying and that I bring her along just so I can use the car share lanes!

The only remotely awkward bit was getting her into the car from my house. This time it was best to pull the car up to the front gate, and had her wait in my secluded front garden until the coast was clear. Right on cue, neighbour's family turn up next door, then the woman across the road pulls up and takes ages to unload her shopping from the car! Luckily I managed to sit Lynne in a well hidden spot behind a hedge until we got the right moment!

Sadly no photos of our adventure, as the plan was to find somewhere on the way home, but it was getting dark. Made things easier getting her in from the car however. All good fun!
I do appreciate the problems. Once when I was struggling out to the car with Bambi in her box a neighbour gave me a hand and asked if I had a body in the box!
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