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Old 07-04-2019, 11:46 AM
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Now in Gemma's case I have used minimal heat, just because the plastic pipe and and resin I used to fix her may melt. Anyway it is a bit flatter now

Not sure why so much shadow on that photo
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Old 07-04-2019, 12:21 PM
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I have to rate this thread 5 stars as it contain's very valuable and well detailed information on how silly people like me can attempt repairs on their own dolls without spending a fortune..

If i have my way then this is one thread that will not fall into the Abyss.

Thank you Tommo

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Old 08-04-2019, 08:45 AM
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Thanks Sam

Right just a point for everyone about the heat gun.
The repair is normally Okay without the need to buy one and if you are pretty good with the TPE filler it will be fine.
I bought my heat gun last summer to replace and repair Ginger finger wires in her hands. Basically I should of replaced them in one go, but like a fool I cut her open and sealed her up several times as they started breaking off by the end her hands were a mess of filler, and at that point I bought the heat gun and managed to flattened the filler out. Her hands are still a work in progress because I never did her thumbs and they now need replacing The best plan for finger wires is just wait until the lot break and replace them all in one go.

Because I have a heat gun, I always put extra filler on the top of the repair knowing I can flatten it out afterwards. Anyways the heat gun very useful but not always necessary.

I am sure I had photos of the heat gun work, I will find them out sometime.


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Old 15-04-2019, 04:34 PM
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Some serious skills on show here. Well done Tommo she looks great.

Silicone Sex World
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