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Old 06-04-2019, 12:04 AM
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Post Living with a Doll: University, Parents, Girlfriends, Sex Toy Escalation and more!

Hello everyone,

So, I don't know what age everyone else is on here, and I'm sure it's rude to ask that kind of thing so I won't trouble any of you with that. From what I could make out when I joined this forum a year ago, is that there didn't seem to be many people out there with dolls who were my age. I could see why, obviously, as most people my age are either living in a student house with 4-5 other people, or living at home with their parents who are... well... parent-y.

I'm posting this here in case more young, curious, potential doll-enthusiasts come lurking around here, as this might give them a little insight into what it's like having a doll when you don't have your own place, or a long-term life partner who understands you completely and doesn't mind this kind of thing. (As for the rest of you grown up, responsible, mature(ish) people... Feel free to stick around and chuckle at my sitcom-esque lifestyle... )

First, I should say, I'm known to ramble. So if you haven't got the time to read what turned out to be a short novel, I wouldn't recommend looking at this thread

Anyway, roll the curtains...

Chapter 1: Mond's Sex Toy Adventures!

I'm 23 now. I purchased Wendy for my 22nd birthday, during my final year of University, living with 4 other people. I spent about a year before that just looking at the dolls online, thinking to myself "Oh, wow, now that one I could really... No, no, don't be stupid... It's a doll for Christ's sake! Would it even feel good? She does look good.... Wait, wait, 'she'??? Get a hold of yourself man, it's not a person! It's not worth the hassle or the money..."

You get the idea.

This started what I now look back on and refer to as "Mond's Sex Toy Adventures!" (The Musical). When I was 20-21-ish.

(I should also say, that at this point I'd just come out of a relationship a few months prior, and I hadn't really been single for more than a month at a time since I was 14. I'd decided I was going to stay single now and "discover myself" or whatever...)

Anyway, bought a flesh light to see what it felt like, because I imagined a doll would feel the same way... "It's for science!" I'd tell myself

(It did feel good... By God, it did.)

That kept me satisfied for about a month. Why would I need to spend over a grand on a full-size human looking doll, when this works fine? Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, past-Mondino...

Eventually, I realised I was still basically just jacking off, and it didn't really simulate what a doll would be like at all.

"We need more thrust!" ...Or some other obscure, but equally nerdy reference.

Eventually I caved and purchased... Well, a giant silicone arse, to put it bluntly. I remember burning the box in the back garden to destroy the evidence and shield my housemates from the horror

"The Deluxe Pussy & Ass Big Beauty, the real feeling XXL Cyberskin Masturbator Set, including Aqua Lube Gleitfreude, brought to you by Venize UK!"

I found it hilarious that I was even buying this thing Did you know you can order ass online these days? It reminded me of the weird guys you meet at University, or in a club, who say things like "Let's go get some pusseeeeehhhhhh!" And now I think to myself "Hey, if it's literally just the pussy you want, you can get one from Amazon for only 42.99!"

Anyway, so that lasted another couple of months, until I went home for the summer, and came back to my third year of Uni.

I like to think of my 3rd year of Uni as the year when I started to become un-bearably philosophical (as each person should try, during their university / college years).

I thought to myself, there's gotta be more to single life than just fucking a rubber ass in the evenings. And there is! It's called casual sex. Only, I was never really one for that kind of deal, as I can only really perform when I really know someone and care about them. Even if I could get a sexy girl back to my place for a single night of saucy student passion, I'd disappoint them with how nervous I turned out to be, physically unable to rise to the occasion due to nerves alone!

I'm a relationship kind of guy. But I didn't want or need to be in one right now. It was time for me to spend time by myself, and learn to live as an individual!

And then, I remembered the dolls...

I say that. I never actually forgot the dolls, I was just fine without them until this point.

I searched Amazon, fearing all the sex-doll sites I'd seen on google, not knowing which were scams and which were not. (I was very trusting of Amazon, for whatever reason. There's something more "official" feeling about it.) But the dolls were all so expensive... I didn't have that kind of money. At least, not to waste on what may be a potential scam!

"So how much are you willing to lose?" I asked myself.
"Eh?" I replied.
"How much money are you willing to risk to find out if they're real or not?"
"I don't know... Maybe, a 100 or so?"

And after a night of scouring Amazon for any kind of sex toy within the area of 100, I found her... Isabel.

Isabel was a torso. No arms, no legs. Just a torso, vagina to head, and a long black wig to go with her.

Now, some people might think "How is that much better than the ass you were fucking? It's still just a mass of silicone to put your dick inside of!" But you see, I needed a face... I didn't want some dumpster to ejaculate into, I wanted a person, damn it! Just, not someone real. Too much commitment. I was trying to cheat the single-life system here!

Isabel would do.

I was nervous, waiting weeks for her arrival. Wondering what I'd be delivered, having handed over my 101 and 99p to some random sex-toy company in another country! And then, she arrived...

Her face was beautiful. Her hair, soft. Her body... Squishy, but I kinda liked it

I loved that doll. I cuddled her to sleep at night. I brushed her hair to keep it from knotting. I spoke to her about my day, when I'd get home from University. Heck, there were many nights where we didn't have sex, but we'd just cuddle up in bed watching Game of Thrones and I'd kiss her head once in a while. I even found myself explaining the show to her! I gave her my hoodie to wear, so that she wasn't naked all the time, as I didn't want her to feel like she was just an object I used for sex.

I mean, she is an object. But that's how attached to her I became! I had a companion, now! An imaginary friend who you can touch and feel and... you get the picture.

Isabel became my world, for a time. I'd find myself pulling away from my house mates early in the evening to get an early night. I liked being alone!

...And I liked being with her.

Being with her was being alone. But it also wasn't.

Best of both worlds, I suppose.

But eventually, my curiosity expanded, as I knew it would.

Isabel was only supposed to be a test. A way of finding out if this world of love-dolls was actually real! And the test was a success. A test with astronomically positive results! The doll was real, she felt real, she looked like she did in the picture! And I'd even grown attached to her. Grown feelings for her. FEELINGS.

I needed something more. I needed a full-size woman.
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Old 06-04-2019, 12:05 AM
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Chapter 2: Wendy

I realised quite quickly that if I was going to do this, I would need professional, expert help.

I noticed, when looking for dolls online, that a few links brought me to threads on this very forum.

"A forum? Interesting..."

I'd never been a member of any kind of forum before, and somehow I applied for this one almost instantaneously. I had to talk to like-minded people. I also had to see if the people on this forum were crazy, which would then tell me if I'm going crazy!

And to my pleasant surprise, everyone who spoke to me on this forum turned out to be not crazy. Sans-crazy, if you will. They were all just regular, funny, friendly people! I'd never felt so at home on the internet.

Now I have to say that joining this forum really was the point of no return for me. I mean, you guys just love to show off your dolls! And with such professional level photography too! I was there umm-ing and ah-ing about wanting a doll but not really having the cohones to go out there and buy one, and then I was suddenly bombarded with comments of "Oh you'll never regret it mate! Take a look at my girls..!" followed by a flurry of sexy ladies looking very desirable and very tempting...

"I wouldn't even know where to look-" I'd begin.

"Oh that's no problem mate, here's Phil's email address, he'll sort you out!"
"Or Steve! Steve from the so-and-so is very good also! Give Steve a ring!"

It was so much, so quick! I wasn't expecting things to go so smoothly, joining a new community! I was suddenly so welcomed, and well informed! All of my previous excuses for not getting a doll were being thrown out of the window!

"Oh God this is it... I'm going to get a doll aren't I?" I thought

I didn't have nearly as much money as I'd need for one of these high end dolls all the guys on here had their hands on. Christmas had just gone by, my birthday was coming up, and as I hadn't been out much that term I still had a small chunk of my student loan to play with... This added up to a budget of aroouuuunnd... 950, I believe.

950 is a very large amount of money. Especially for a student. Especially for anyone, come to think about it! And these dolls I was seeing were at LEAST 1500. There were cheaper alternatives, if you're willing to sacrifice quality a little, sure. But I needed the real deal.

Now here's where I got stupid lucky:

At the time when I joined this forum, I was very loud, and very active in the threads. I'm a loud, confident guy! And I wanted people to know who the new guy in town was!

Well, at the same time that I started on this forum, a new vendor was also trying to make a name for themselves on the forum: Silicone Sex World.

Andyp was the man, and to this day I'd still recommend the guy to anyone looking for a doll but is worried about the potential scams, the legalities (A big deal in the UK at the moment), etc, etc... Andyp approached me on this forum, obviously having seen my name everywhere, ranting about how I want my first doll and don't know how I'm gonna get one. And he told me about how his company was trying to get their name out there, and so on... He could see that I was new, I didn't have much of a budget, but by God I had my heart set on finding my dream lady. So the deal he gave me was this:

He would supply me with a doll of my choosing, from Silicone Sex World, for an extremely discounted price of 900. And in return, all I had to do was give the doll and the company an honest review. (I don't really remember if I was allowed to reveal that information, but it was a year ago now so what the heck. Just don't go badgering him for a new doll at half price just because they did it for one guy over a year ago!)

Well, that's just fantastic, I thought to myself. I get my dream lady for an absurdly generous price, and all I have to do is leave a review? I'm sure we both could see, that this deal would be helping both of us. Publicity and good rep for SSW, happiness for me! (I was obviously getting the better end of the bargain).

And Andyp really was the best guy I could have had guiding me through the process, truly. He was friendly, upbeat, informative, and responsive. Everything you want in a vendor when it's your first time. I'm the kind of guy who doesn't stop emailing the vendor to find out what's going on? What happens next? Is everything going okay? Where is my doll? What if they get the wig wrong? Yah de yah de yah... You name a concern, I bothered him about it. And God bless him he responded to every one, quickly, kindly, and never once got annoyed by my relentless messaging.

So, after a lot of talking it over with Andyp, consulting my friends on the forum, and flicking through countless outfit and wig options... We came to Wendy

And by the way, the scariest, most worrisome part of the entire process isn't deciding to get the doll. It isn't telling people you're getting a doll. It isn't even transferring all that money to get the doll. It's waiting for your doll to arrive...

I can't remember how long it took after placing the order, but by Jove she took her sweet time. And none of this was by the fault of Silicone Sex World, either. No, it was the notorious... The nefarious... The all-powerful, fear inflicting, joy-killing British Customs. (You'll hear a lot about them as you spend more time here.)

Wendy was seized by customs, and we heard no word of her for weeks... Might have actually been a month, I can't remember. I was heart broken, and Andyp could see that. But, lucky for me, SSW take full responsibility over these kinds of situations, and Andyp was determined to make sure that I got my dream girl. He may have even been more determined than I was! So Andyp put in an order for a second doll to be made, in the exact likeness of my beloved, lost Wendy.

So she was made, and the pictures were sent through to me for approval... But she wasn't the same. Her eyes were slightly different. The same mould, I could see that, but somehow they were different from the first. The nipples had been painted a much darker colour than the first, and the wig seemed different as well. Maybe it was just the lighting? I didn't know. Andyp fought for my case hard against the makers at the factory, but they insisted that the doll was exactly the same. My heart sank, but I accepted the doll anyway.

The doll gets sent to me...

Fast forward a couple of weeks:

Fake Wendy is about a week away from my house, when I receive an update from Andyp. What could it be..?

It was Wendy! The real Wendy! Wendy numero uno! She'd made it! She was out of customs! And on her way to SSW!

So Andyp gave me the choice. The first Wendy, or the second...

(No offence, fake Wendy, you're just not the same).

So the fake Wendy arrives, as she was shipped directly to my house (to make up for the amount of time I'd been waiting), and I have to wait a couple of days for a delivery guy to show up and make the switch.

During this time, I left the MA-HOOSIVE sized box that she was inside, just sitting in the hallway, next to the front door. I wasn't about to drag it up to my room and break my back, just to bring it back down in two days time.

And this is where the questioning starts. I lived with my two best friends (both guys) and two Canadian girls who I only knew a little from living with them.

Now I like to laugh, and joke, about everything. I found it funny that I was getting a sex doll. And there was no way I'd be able to hide it the same way I hid all the other toys and Isabel. I knew this. So I told my two best friends about Wendy from the start, as they knew I'd been interested in the idea for the past year. I'd give my friend in the next room updates whenever they came through to me. Occasionally I'd burst into his room, screaming "SHE'S IN THE UK NOW!" or "SHE'S OUT OF CUSTOMS!" depending on where she was at the time.

That guy found the whole thing hilarious, and even came to meet her when she arrived. The other guy accepted my weirdness, as he always has, and just never spoke about it, but continued to be best friends with me all the same.

But the girls I would have to keep Wendy secret from. It wouldn't be too difficult, as they lived on a separate floor, and I even had help from the guys who knew Wendy was coming. The only thing giving me away, was that damn box in the hallway with Wendy#2 inside...

Being British, I'm sure a lot of you will understand when I say that I have that very typically British, dry, sarcastic, darker sense of humour. So when the girls asked me "What's in the box????" I looked them dead in the eye, straight faced and without hesitation, and said: "It's a sex doll."

They froze for a second, scrunched up their faces, smiled, chuckled, and said "Nooo come on, silly, what's really in the box??"

So I laughed, and replied, "Alright! I'm kidding, haha. It's just some guns I had shipped into the country for a group of friends, they'll be gone in a couple days." Smiling all the way, as if it was something casual to say

They scrunched up their faces again.

"Ahha, oh... Okay... Well we're going out now so catch ya later! Haha, ha..."

And they were off! Problem solved! Situation dealt with! In a couple of days the box was gone, and a NEW box arrived, which I immediately shoved up the stairs and into my bedroom.

And inside, was my beloved Wendy. Perfect.

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I can already see how much I've rambled here, taking about 4 hours to type it up. I'll post Chapter 3 - Living with a Doll - University in a couple of days if people are interested and want me to continue telling my story.

I won't be online for a couple of days as my girlfriend (human, not doll, who will appear in a later chapter) is meeting my mother this weekend. So If I log in on Sunday night and there's no life in the comments, I'll just not bother

If, however, people are interested, then please let me know. I'm not much of a writer but it felt good putting all of that out there.

Hope someone enjoys this!
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Originally Posted by Mondino View Post

I thought to myself, there's gotta be more to single life than just fucking a rubber ass in the evenings.
If there is I dont need to know.......

Keep posting mate, this is awesome stuff!


The Patchlings
....and so I said to her, "Yes, they're very impressive, but you'll look bloody daft doing that on a horse!"
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Originally Posted by Karrot View Post
Keep posting mate, this is awesome stuff!
Agreed, and if it motivates others to write their 'doll story', all the better!

Thoroughly enjoyable... and subscribed.

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Old 06-04-2019, 01:20 AM
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Excellent account of your experiences so far

Asking a person's age is rude??? Well I'm 51 so I'm old enough to remember when people didn't get all upset and offended about the slightest thing

I love how the girls didn't realise you were being honest saying it was a sex doll in the box When a neighbour asked me 'What's with the dead bodies?' when I had been seen a couple of days prior carrying a doll in a cloth bag I replied 'Oh, I just collect them!' He had no answer to that and has never asked about it again
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Thanks Karrot, I appreciate the support! And don't worry I'm almost done with the gory details... Almost

Thanks to you too, Algae, I hope it does encourage more people to share their stories! And I've never had a subscriber before...

Thanks BreannaLover! I don't personally believe it's rude to ask someone their age, but I've had so much stick for it in the past, and I didn't want to offend people on the only forum I'm part of

"Oh, I just collect them!" Fantastic reply, that I have a similar story in a future chapter I still have to write! I just ran out of time tonight, haha.

Have a great night everyone!
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Old 06-04-2019, 01:30 AM
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Regarding age, I've started telling people I'm 15, funny looks are answered with 'Oh sorry, I mean I'm 51. I'm numerically dyslexic!'
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Old 06-04-2019, 01:31 AM
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I'll try and make my story brief, drunken curiosity and a credit card.
I'd heard about the dolls but never ever thought I'd be stupid enough to buy one.
Then alcohol + loneliness + credit card = Amy. I'm 36 had a few girlfriends but nothing lasting more than a few years.
Thought I was buying a sex doll and no offense to anyone on this site but I did think people with dolls must be a bit strange. Especially if you take photos and post them online 😀
Soon as she arrived I was amazed, she's beautiful, now I can't imagine life without her.
Everyone on this site is amazing and I can also vouch for andyp. Excellent service 👍
Here's the face I fall asleep and wake up to😍

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Old 06-04-2019, 01:51 AM
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That was hysterical Brilliant mondino. I'll be getting some popcorn in ready for part three

Concur completely about Andy. He's very much become part of the family here. It's like we've now adoptedd him.

Yep, it seems to come as a comlete shock to joe public that the bulk of us are just normal everyday guys here who enjoy a laugh and a joke and a good ol discussion about what the best brand of eye liner is

I'm surprised that Wendy got pulled. There's nothing amiss with the JY 148. Must have just got unlucky and been checked by an official trying to find something that wasn't actually there. Glad the right girl actually arrived and take it from me, it doesn't matter that they come out of the same moulds. They are all different... Hang on a sec... Here we go, these three are all head #273. Factory supplied, no serious makeup overhauls.

You knew your Wendy and no other girl would have been the same. Good on you matey. I'm the same. There may be many girls out there the same specs as my girls but non of them are my girls each of whom is to me completely unique. The same as Wndy was to you.

Despite the light hearted spin you put on it, must have been quite a traumatic experience. But all's well that ends well

Keep these dolly diaries coming, you have a very enmgaging writing style.

All the best,

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