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Old 22-02-2021, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Karlos View Post
Oh, lawdy. Another one with "attitude", huh?
Suddenly I don't feel so bad about the armpit thing
I have one with "attitude" and one is enough!

Milly looks as though butter wouldn't melt, but...
My Girls:
Sophie - JY 175 + JY#167
Valentina - JY 175 + JY#101
Monique - JY 165SR + JY#134
Helga - JY 166 + JY#101
Ingrid - JY 166 + SM#76
Patsy - JY 166 + JY#102
Rashona - WM 172B
Kiania - Sino 161

Portraits of Monique:

Portraits of Rashona:

Portraits of Sophie:
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Old 24-02-2021, 02:04 AM
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Originally Posted by After Dark View Post
It can take some time for new girls to develop their personalities and behaviours. Milly has been with me for about a year now and has featured in the Monthly competitions and has gradually evolved into the girl she was always meant to be.
So here she is officially being introduced. As she wants to be.

"Hi boys. I'm Milly. 22. I'm not a "nice girl" that you want to introduce to your mummy. I was born into wealth - father was an American diplomat and mother was a doctor in Singapore. Get that. Screw that. I left home at 16 and I've been doing things my way ever since. I'm independant. I like knives. I like drugs. I like bad boys. I like fucking. I like being single. I like moving around. That's me. You wanna buy me a drink? Make sure it comes with ACDC on the jukebox and don't talk over the music - I might have to kill you."

Welcome milly, gorgeous photo AD, she sorta looks like avril lavigne but with the attitude of pink. Hope shes not too much trouble.
Im used to our girls fluttering their eyelashes to get what they want but I imagine she'd rob you at knifepoint, spit in your face and make you apologise for it. Good luck
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