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Old 22-02-2021, 08:50 PM
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Default Ladies keep fit with elina

Hello ladies,

I believe a certain amount of confusion has arisen concerning my/our proposed run. For some reason what I had written got typed incorrectly. It should have been eight by one mile runs, not one single eight mile run. I apologise for the error created by a soon-to-be former assistant (not Hugs, I couldn’t possibly be without him).

I have created two videos for you, the first is an introduction to the pieces of equipment you will need. As it is fairly certain you won’t have these directly to hand, you have plenty of time to find it, set it up before you participate in the main video. You may find it beneficial to try it out before you start the video. I hope this proves useful to you. On a safety note; you must wear shoes with a non slip sole.

I forgot to mention that the next video will probably be Gymnobics (a fusion or combination of gymnastics and aerobics).



If you fail at the first attempt to keep up, just replay the video until you can, don’t give up and head for the kitchen and a few glasses of chilled wine, irrespective how tempting it is!

Hope you enjoy these.


Elina & Esjay

P.S. Why not share you fitness routines, we’d really like to see them.
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Old 22-02-2021, 08:58 PM
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Originally Posted by ELINA View Post
P.S. Why not share you fitness routines, we’d really like to see them.
We like our fruit... in cider...

...and we like pineapples... on pizza...

Allie 💕

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