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Old 13-09-2019, 08:58 AM
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Default Make up

Hi, hope this is in the correct section, apologies if not I am just a newbie here.

I am considering obtaining a doll for photography, I want to look at different lighting setups using a doll rather than paying for a model, that way I know my settings lights etc and reduce time in the studio. The question is a large number of dolls have the same coloured skin, no variation in cheek colour or around the eyes etc. I would like to apply makeup to replicate this but not sure what sort of makeup to obtain, how long can you leave it on the doll and more importantly how do you remove it after each session? I see lots of posts about TPE staining and donít want to find out that I have ruined a head due to the wrong type or application of makeup.
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Old 13-09-2019, 09:07 AM
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For TPE, powder makeup is fine (for all areas), can be left on, will dissipate gradually and can be removed using mineral oil/baby oil and a soft sponge.


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Old 13-09-2019, 12:32 PM
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I like to add to what algaeholics has said. An angled light source will add highlights, shadows and natural colours and depth to areas that makeup can never reproduce. See one of the ladies in person with no makeup, you'll see what I mean. For the obvious things that need colour such as lips and nipples, then you won't go far wrong with what algaeholics has suggested.
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