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Old 27-09-2020, 11:18 AM
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Default Introducing - Kaia

Is been weeks in the coming. So many Emails, PM's, so much planning, and soooooooooo many Ebay purchases....... It's been a long road...


Some may recall Harem posting about a Celebrity Doll needing a new home due to impending eviction (He's a cruel man at times ) We get chatting, there's apparently a cunning plan in place.....( one so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel! )

Then Tommo PM's me. He's the Professor of Cunning from Cunning University who has apparently come up with this weasel of a cunning plan......

I wont bore you with the details, but they are cunning, and they did involve Tommo fondling various pairs of boobs along that way (yeah he did have an ulterior motive )

Where was yeah So.... Cunningness occurred, and yesterday after a round trip to do some dropping off, meeting folk, having a bit of a giggle for a day with Revol, and catching up with Tommo, the 'Celebrity Doll' arrives into my care. Tired, a little fed up of travelling, a little forlorn (bless her), but with the promise of a new loving forever home a few hours away.

Last night we tucked her up in the guest room to have a nice rest with the promise of a long hot shower, a complete pampering, and a total make over in the morning so that she can begin to put her busy past life behind her and start to become the girl she wants to be here at The Patch.

Still with me? Still not asleep? TL;DR? Yup, Pics!

It is my VERY great pleasure to Introduce


There will be many many more photos to come, so please stay tuned.

It only remains now for me to Thank;
Harem again for sending this beauty my way.
Tommo for pretty much bringing her to me, and coming up with the cunning plans!
Revol for feeding me, making me giggle, and providing a safe place for the transfer.
And Miss Kaia for being bloody gorgeous!

(Oh and its pronounced K-eye-ya)

Click the pics for their threads...
"...there was an odd smell of fish coming from it.." The Tale of Fluffy Kittenpaws

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