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Old 09-07-2019, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Anung Un Rama View Post
Yes, I was thinking actually of going the JINSAN #172 if I decided to proceed....with a Buff busty eldar race, repl;icant pleasure model Pris theme

...lots of goodness there.
I know who fancies Holly, I know who fancies Holly... lol.

#172 is a truly phenominal head... And I almost let her slip through my fingers!

I bought a job lot of three Elves, #302, #160 and #172 from another site member. At the time I was teatering on the brink of losing my job (corporate takeover) and thought commiting to three is just silly. Looking at them I knew that #160 would work well as a friend for River. And #302 I REALLY! wanted. so for about an hour I resolved myself to walking away from #172... Would have been my worst dolly mistake ever if I had. I find her to be the most human face amongst my girls and she is one of the two that permanently has a body (the other being River).

Luckily I came to my senses and bought all three and the Elf pack was born

Personally I'm a big believer that Elves should have smaller boobs (big Tauriel fan) with Holly's D cups being an exception. However, I have noted that a lot of far east photoshoots opt to match Elf heads to larger boobs. Next time I'm out there I need to ask the ex's family about that as I suspect that Asian Elves may be thought of very differently to those in the West.... As they say in Thailand. "Same, same but different".

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