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Old 04-12-2017, 10:11 PM
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Default Elf on a shelf

These pictures popped in my facebook feed today and they made me chuckle

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Old 05-12-2017, 12:08 AM
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Default Elf on a shelf

lucky elf
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Old 05-12-2017, 04:43 AM
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Great pictures frugal...
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Old 06-12-2017, 08:26 AM
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We are all just a car crash, a diagnosis, an unexpected phone call, a newfound love,
or a broken heart away from becoming a completely different person.

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Old 06-12-2017, 09:15 AM
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Well... He's certainly having a Merry Christmas!
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Old 08-12-2017, 10:20 PM
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Camera near water - surely a breach of elf and safety

Ok ........ coat ............ door .......... exit

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Old 10-12-2017, 02:19 PM
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So that's what elves do on their day off.
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