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Old 18-11-2017, 12:42 PM
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Default The Teddy Babe Club

Welcome to the Teddy Babe Club - Meet & Greet

This forum is where Teddy Babes can introduce themselves and tell everyone who they are, where they're from and their backstories if they have one. This is also a good forum for general chit chat as well.

My name is Lisa Emily Page and I'll be your host! I'll do my best to keep topics flowing and maintain this forum.

So what is the Teddy Babe Club?

Here Teddy Babes can talk freely without their boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wife's etc, etc. All Teddy Babes are welcomed, no matter where you are, where you're from, we are all made from the same stuffing.
Teddy Babes can talk about anything they want, this is a free forum where Teddy Babes can express themselves, get to know each other, support each other, discuss random topics and have fun!

You don't need to have your own account. If you do have your own account, then great, you don't need to worry. Those who wish to use they're partners account can use them, however be sure to change the colour of your text and place your name in the message so we know it's you! An example can be seen below.
Tina Babe: Hmmm I wish I had some new shoes.
To change the colour of the font, highlight your font and find the big A. Next to the A is a drop down, select your colour. A tag will wrap around your text.

Pictures are wonderful, the more pictures the better. If you don't have a picture of yourself but still want to join in, then don't worry, you still can. Until you do get a picture of yourself, just tell us your name and modal, so we can imagine what you look like for the time being

If you want to revisit an old topic that has been previously discuss, then feel free to bring it back up.

Finally HAVE FUN!!!! If you ever have a question about the forum, then simply ask or PM myself.
The Lisa Album

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